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How to choose a uniform cook

Tunic Chef
It is necessary to give preference tunic, made of natural materials such as cotton. Can a small admixture of synthetics. In the kitchen the chef have to put a lot of physical labor, because it is important that the clothes were comfortable, and the body to breathe. Synthetic impurities as polyester impart strength and simplify washing, but they should be of no more than 25-30%. It is also important is how well the fabric properly clean, because having even several tunics replaced, you will need to get rid of fat, flour jacket to neutralize the smell. Some kinds of fabrics for clothing are certified, they must be compact and of good quality.
The cut can be classic male or female body conscience. Tunic can be single-breasted or double-breasted, as the fasteners used jacke (removable buttons that correspond to sanitary requirements for clothing cooks).
Every person is different in size and structure of the body, because sometimes it makes sense to sew a jacket on request. Especially if you need large size clothes. Many firms are ready to sew garment jacket, even if a customer tells their measurements via the Internet: chest, neck circumference, waist circumference and hip, sleeve length and growth. Also on the order applied to any embroidery - logo, name of the institution, the name of the chef. With the help of computer programs can accurately recreate any drawing or inscription.
Most chefs prefer short sleeves or three-quarters, they are less dirty.
Chef Apron protects against splash of time. Tasty recipes involve cooking such dishes that you can already get dirty in the first 20 minutes. Apron is open, just in front of a capping or closing, completely covers the body tissue and can be tied in front thanks to long strings. Many aprons sewn from water-repellent fabric, that too is an advantage.
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