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How to grow microgreens at home

For beginners, inexpensive seed options are suitable: sunflower, peas, radishes, and the like. There are several basic technologies for growing micro-seeds:
Growing microgreens in a jar
To rinse the seeds to fall asleep on the bottom of the jar and put it in a dark cool place. During the night, they will swell, so you will need to drain the water, cover the jar with a clean gauze, turn it over and constantly rinse it with water. This method is well suited for sprouting sunflower.
Growing microgreens in the ground
At the bottom of the tray, the soil is laid out, and seeds and grains are already poured on top of it. In this case, it is important to plant the seeds at the right depth, otherwise they can be eaten by mold. The soil should be rich in nutrients and trace elements. You also need to strictly control the temperature and humidity. At low humidity, some of the seeds may not come up and at high humidity they may rot. This method is well suited for the germination of the Basilica.
Growing microgreens in a tray
For cultivation, plastic, ceramic or glass trays are used, at the bottom of which you can put soil or other material or pour a low layer of water. For the base, gauze, tow, coconut pressed substrate is suitable. I advise you to add water often in small amounts, so that the seeds constantly receive oxygen and humidity. The optimum temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. Additional stimulation will be provided by special flora lamps. This method is well suited for growing wheat.
Hydroponics growing micro-greenery under running water is a technology that allows you to grow young greens without soil, and the growth is due to moisture from conventional water irrigation. Instead of the base, various materials can be used: mineral wool, hay, mats made of flax, foam rubber, coconut bedding, and others. All these methods have their own characteristics and subtleties, which should be familiar with before sowing. This method is well suited for the germination of cress salad.
Aeroponics growing microgreens with aerosol is a method of growing plants that does not require soil, soil or a lot of water, since germination occurs due to the supply of useful substances to the plant roots in the aerosol. It is convenient to use four-tier installations for this purpose, which provide the layers with a sufficient air layer. This method is well suited for growing corn.
All these methods seem simple at first glance, but require special skills and training. Regardless of the chosen method, it is important to monitor the humidity, temperature, and lighting indicators.
Microgreens do not require additional fertilizers, but develop due to the supply of nutrients in the seeds themselves. Usually,from the moment of laying the seeds to the appearance of the fruit, an average of 1-1. 5 weeks pass, because you can use micro-greens for culinary or other purposes from the moment the first two leaves appear.
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