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Kalina: properties and recipes

Viburnum berries grow on a small tree (maximum height - 4 meters) or perennial shrub. It tastes bitter berry, but it contains a large amount of vitamins and mineral elements. Of Viburnum berries make the juice, juice and vitamin jam.
Beneficial features
Fruits of plants are rich in vitamins composition (K, C, A, E) and the following trace elements: manganese, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, iron and calcium. The berry is rich in pectin and tannins and useful organic acids. Kalin calms the nervous system, banishes fatigue, normalizes the digestive processes in the body, it helps in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and tuberculosis. Effectiveness in internal organs diseases. Kalina - a wonderful remedy for colds and flu: it reduces the temperature, relieves pain in the throat and helps the body recover.
Where and when to collect viburnum?
Kalina ripens in September. You can collect and in this month, and you can wait for the first frost and harvest in October - then a little bitterness is gone. Berry grows along rivers and in areas of forest margins. You can put in the garden or vegetable garden - plant is unpretentious and does not require constant care and complex special farming techniques.
To dry the berries, rinse them thoroughly, then dry with a towel. Put a thin layer on a baking sheet, after having spread on it for baking paper (to protect it from overheating, berries). Place in the oven and turn it to a temperature of 40-55 degrees. From time to time, check availability and do not close the oven door completely.
Recipes from Viburnum
For the preparation of fruit drinks viburnum take about 300 grams of berries, 800 milliliters of water and 2 tablespoons of the flower (or any other) honey. Wash berries, squeeze out of them all the juice, then strain it into a separate container. All that is left after the squeeze put in a pan and pour boiling water. Bring to a boil, but do not cook on: remove the mixture from heat and strain. Fresh juice pour into the resulting broth. Cool, add honey and stir.
For the preparation of jams take 1 kg of fruit, 800 grams of sugar and 200 ml of water. Kalina Wash and place in a saucepan. Scald with boiling water berries to soften them. Make a syrup by dissolving sugar in boiling water, then pour them berries. Cook for about 45 minutes (on low heat), then cool. After 8 hours, continue cooking until tender.
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