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Carcinogens in food the causes of cancer

About abundance, which is now available to us in the shops, previously had only dreamed of. Now the range has expanded to epic proportions - exotic vegetables, fruits and berries at any time of the year, meat delicacies to suit all tastes, sweet pastries, sauces - just simply not list. However, to find really useful, or at least harmless product becomes more and more difficult: almost all the food literally "crammed" carcinogens and other substances dangerous to humans, which can cause severe poisoning and even trigger cancer.
Carcinogens: so different, but ominously dangerous
Carcinogens are divided into a plurality of species and include, and various physical components and radiation, and in some cases even microorganisms. If we talk about what we eat, here we will focus on chemical compounds. Each type of carcinogens in the products of its own nature, but an identical effect - in contact (especially regular) in the body they cause cancer.
Pesticides and nitrates
These harmful components can be found in vegetables, especially those that are ripe early unnatural. Producers for their own benefit, and do not spare nitrogen fertilizers and aggressively fight parasites - all in order to accelerate the ripening and increase the volume of the final product. In fact, nitrates are much more dangerous than it seems - in the process of digestion of food, they are converted into nitrites, which can cause irreparable damage to human health.
It should be noted that not only the nature of the gifts contains nitrates and pesticides - carcinogens also be found in water and in products such as sausages, canned foods, and so forth.
Dioxins and benzopyrene
The source of dioxins is a chlorinated water and the products of combustion waste. Benzopyrene in terms of the damage done can be compared with dioxin, but it has a slightly different nature - most of it is contained in tobacco smoke and exhaust gases. However, to get harm from dioxin does not have to be a passive smoker or inhabit polluted city - the substance is also released during cooking.
These carcinogens are formed in the superheated vegetable oils and rancid fat. Their influence gradually, but almost irreversibly - in the cells of the body slows down protein synthesis. The cause of a possible mutation of the DNA and the total destruction of the substance acrylamide produced during the processing of carbohydrates - so that fans of French fries, potato chips, crackers, and such food should not fear for their health.
Trans fats - and where it is found?
Trans fats - a substance of natural origin, but, nevertheless, they are often the cause of cardiovascular disease. The largest number of harmful trans-fats found in the following foods:
• margarine and other butter substitutes (spreads);
• Dry the fat of vegetable origin;
• «Top» food - cakes, french fries, potato chips;
• fried foods;
• sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup);
• Meat and fish frozen foods.
GMO: Drives carcinogens
Until now, reliable information on the impact of genetically modified organisms does not exist, however, to predict the possible consequences in the long term is difficult. Proposed scenarios:
1. Increased risk of poisoning and allergies;
2. Develops cell mutation;
3. As a consequence of the degeneration of cells - formation of various tumors;
4. reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics.
These findings are based on experiments conducted on laboratory mice, but there are doubts about the purity of the experiment - for example, if you eat alone, soy (whether modified if her genes or not), it is in any case will cause most of the above problems. Therefore, we have yet to see really whether GMOs are so terrible, as we are told.
Another aspect of the problem - increased the ability of the GMO products accumulate carcinogens - that this information has been officially confirmed. Therefore, genetically modified food grown with the help of a large number of fertilizer use is dangerous - it contains rolls over a portion of poisonous substances.
Thus, approximately 80 of the 100 cases protect against cancer can be, adjusting the diet. Of course, fully protect against carcinogens in foods and other hazardous substances is not possible, but giving up bad habits, leading a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, you will reduce your chances of becoming a victim of cancer.
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