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Chinese cuisine

Drinking cooks in China
Cooking art in China since ancient times was considered one of the most revered. Chefs in China often combined his skills with the skills of healers, because the food in China is considered a drug.
If we talk about the traditions associated with the culinary arts, the traditional Chinese chefs can be compared with the magician: aerobatics considered the ability to make Taste could not guess the exact composition of dishes.
Chinese, of course, requires a high level of skill: to be an ordinary cook, you need to spend at least two years on the persistent training. Well and truly experts in their field have to devote cooking all his life, learning all the subtleties and secrets under the patronage of the teacher.
The basic principles of Chinese food
One of the interesting facts that highlight the special attitude to eating in China - Gastronomy honors God for the New Year. By tradition, each family brings a donation to this deity - tasty, beautifully decorated dish. This is done to heaven dweller appreciated culinary skills hostess.
At least, Chinese cuisine has more than 5,000 recipes. It is worth noting that traditional Chinese food is very useful - perhaps many might have noticed that in China there is practically no problem of obesity. This disease affected only a certain percentage of young people, and the reason is quite simple - the influence of Western culture and the spread of fast food.
Many culinary traditions of China have developed historically. Densely populated of the country forced the poor, large families to save food and fuel. This was built by the basic principle of Chinese cuisine:
1. The products are cut as finely as possible - this allows them to cook faster. In general, about thirty percent of the time it takes to pre-treatment ingredients;
2. Special convex pan called wok serves for quick heating;
3. Basket of bamboo fiber is useful for the preparation of several dishes simultaneously.
4. The Chinese cuisine is very popular use of various herbs and spices. Traditionally used more than 300 kinds of spices.
Chinese with its principles allows you to prepare meals as quickly as possible, and products retain a lot more nutrients. Due to the fact that the ingredients are very finely cut, the need for such cutlery like fork or a knife, disappears, and such food is very convenient to eat with chopsticks.
The main products in the Chinese kitchen
The Chinese believe that delicious dish can be made from almost anything, and the inability to create a masterpiece of simple ingredients - the main feature of a bad cook.
More often than not any Chinese food based on cereals. If now the most common Chinese food is rice, in ancient times, the situation was somewhat different: first, the most commonly used cereal crops of barley, oats and millet, and a little later they were driven wheat. And only then rice has become so popular in China that the word "rice" in Chinese means "food."
During the early Middle Ages the Chinese ate dairy products - was influenced by the nomadic conquerors, but traditional Chinese food almost does not include milk and its derivatives.
Historically, meat was often used ordinary Chinese - basic diet was boiled rice, seasoned vegetables, so the meat serves as an additional ingredient. Especially popular pork that before preparing finely sliced ​​and fried at high temperatures. Also, a lot of dishes prepared with fish, both freshwater and marine.
We should also mention the love of Chinese poultry meat. Perhaps some people are rarely heard on Beijing duck - commonly referred to as smoked duck soaked in a special marinade, which includes rose jam, honey, spices and herbs.
Chinese cuisine is impossible without beans and derivatives thereof, such as soybean milk, butter, tofu soy, soy paste and various sauces. Legumes in the Chinese diet - the main source of protein as meat consumption is somewhat limited.
Also in China are widely used flour products (for example, pasta, cakes, biscuits), the most popular vegetables worth noting potatoes, cabbage, radishes, tomatoes, garlic, peppers.
The most popular drink in China - green tea. Tea Party - is an ancient tradition that is usually complete any Chinese meal. Green tea is brewed in a porcelain dish, drink without sugar and very hot.
Chinese dishes
China is not strange, is considered the birthplace of ravioli that there called Jiaozuo. However, a variety of fillings is impressive - up to 108 known types of fillings. Another Chinese dishes are popular all over the world - chuntszyuan in other countries known as «spring rolls». It is a delicacy dough pancakes stuffed with cucumber, spring onions and soy sauce.
In Beijing, a very common phenomenon of hotpot - a large copper kettle over an open fire. Cooking is combined with the meal - thin slices of meat or vegetables dipped in boiling water, then into the sauce or seasoning. It is also possible to prepare noodles or bean curd.
Also in the list of classic Chinese dishes include pork in sweet and sour sauce, Mapo tofu (tofu cubes stewed with meat, sauce and spices), Wonton stuffed dumplings, egg rolls stuffed with vegetables, chow mian (noodles fried with vegetables and chunks of meat ).
Methods for the preparation of traditional Chinese dishes and ingredients are largely dependent on the region, but the general principles are always the same.
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