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Clover: properties and recipes

Clover - a perennial plant. It looks like grass with a straight stem (plant height - up to 50 centimeters). The color varies from white to bright red. The Russian plant is well spread out, very often it can be found in rural areas and in the countryside. Clover is often used in folk medicine healers.
Beneficial features
The structure of the inflorescence includes many useful elements for the human body. This carotene, essential oils, various useful acids and vitamins C, E, B, K. The minerals contained in the plant: iron, copper, phosphorus, chromium, magnesium, calcium. Clover strengthens blood vessels, increases their elasticity. Heals wounds, carries out prevention of skin diseases. Clover is able to get rid of stress and depression. Insist on the plant normalizes sleep, eliminates fatigue and calms the nervous system. It helps with colds.
Where and when to collect the clover?
Clover harvested throughout the summer, from June to August, during his full bloom. Clover grows in meadows, clearings and fields, near roads and footpaths. To save the peel off the useful properties of the plant, together with the top sheet. Assembled clover need to sort out, to get rid of debris and damaged flowers. Next you need to dry the plant.
There are several methods of drying plants. The first - in the open air with a canopy. At the same time direct sunlight should not fall on the plant. It can be dried clover at home, but you need to pre-ventilate the room. Keep the plant does not need more than a year in a closed container, so that it is not dried out and not lose the beneficial properties.
Vitamin drink from the clover
Clover - an ideal tool for the prevention of beriberi. It is used to replenish the forces and supply the body with vitamins. Take 3 tablespoons of mashed leaves clover, place in a two-liter jar or a thermos and fill with boiling water. Optionally, add a little lemon to drink juice or honey. Drink the infusion three times a day.
You can also cook a delicious and healthy beverage on the basis of clover for the prevention of colds. To do this, collect 100-150 grams of fresh flowers, put in a pan, pour 1 liter of water and boil for a few minutes over low heat. Cool drink, take a decoction instead of juice or water. Keep this drink is recommended in the refrigerator, but to use it is not cold.
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