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The concept for a restaurant

Drawing up a concept for restaurants. One of the most important areas from which to begin work on the creation of the restaurant - is the concept. Concept reveals the idea of ​​the restaurant. It describes all the components of the activities of the restaurant is the detailed technical requirements for the development of design solutions, brand, technological chains, positioning strategy, menus, marketing and promotional programs to attract and retain customers and other constituents activities. Besides, a lot of work aimed at identifying the profitability and success of future institution. Conformity with the original idea of ​​the real possibilities of the original project. Depending on the quality of market research conducted develops the whole concept of the restaurant. Within a month we will conduct market research, test the available space, create a portrait of a potential client, we determine the pricing policy institutions, develop orientation menu, the plan will provide advertising and marketing policies, and more. Work in this area will be held in tandem with a qualified and respected professionals, which will allow you to get the most effective expert opinion.
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