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Control the administrators

At chef too many tasks and responsibilities, and it is simply not physically able to control the whole situation completely in the restaurant, which is why the duties assigned. Some administrative functions rests on the shoulders of the administrator, but not all and not always in good faith are to implement them. One of the duties of the administrator - to monitor closely the fact that the waiters know the menu by heart and did not even think endure substandard or incomplete meals guest. The following rule chef reads as follows:
First check that managers punished waiters who do not know your menu and take substandard meals.
Of course, it may be an illusion, it is usually required in very exceptional circumstances, but my rich experience suggests otherwise. Most often remember this moment have in the new institutions or the introduction of a new menu.
The process of introducing a new menu is usually accompanied by the preliminary training of waiters, but some somehow naively believe that this is just a formality, and with their intellectual abilities can be sorted out as we go. And here you crucified, awarded TTC to study diligently prepare each of the new dishes and showered each of the waiters pile of extremely important information - telling about the concepts, ideas, and promise that tell the visitor about a particular dish. But the waiters are not particularly inspired by your fiery speech - they are only interested in wine, which can be quite legally to fill the belly. Bottom line, I think, is predictable - happiness, if at least a couple of percent above you settle in bright minds of your employees.
This is all, of course, is not very good, but you do not see in this disaster? Okay, let's continue to simulate the situation further:
• Carefree waiter picks up a food distribution, and in it, for a moment, do not have enough ingredients couples - young pea seedlings and concase;
• The food gets to the table for the guest, who comes to your restaurant because of the fact that the design and color scheme treats all perfectly reconciled, and taste delicious. The deviations are insignificant, but the dish has ceased to be canonical;
• guest reaction can be anything - a silent patience and a place in the black list for the restaurant, the entry in the book of complaints, saying the claims you, and even the hottest in the history of your institution scandal.
Blame that primarily have administrator. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, requires the administrator to control the relentless waiters on the knowledge of the menu and insists that the guilty got what they deserved. Sometimes I deliberately did not report some of the ingredients, checking the waiters to care - the only way to train staff responsible in this regard.
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