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Briefly about molecular cuisine.

Cooking is considered one of the oldest crafts, and the first books with collections of the recipe appeared even several centuries before our era. For millennia of the existence of the process of cooking, recipes were created only on the basis of the already obtained own experience of previous generations, taking into account the mistakes made.
Only at the end of the last century came the realization that cooking can be based not only on personal taste sensations. So the first molecular technologies appeared, which were the result of scientific experiments of two physicists. They independently organized the conference and presented to the world scientific substantiation of the process of cooking, thanks to which the cooking came out to a completely new stage of development, different from all previous years.
A new vision of classical culinary art has caused a real boom. Recognized chefs happily picked up the opportunity to radically improve the taste of their own dishes, and as a result of their efforts, the first recipes of molecular cuisine appeared.
With the growing popularity and the number of supporters of molecular cuisine, there was a need to open institutions that offer dishes of a truly new, but already proven, direction. The first molecular restaurants offered visitors a menu, which successfully combined scientific technologies with the usual cooking process for the region. Gradually, the number of such restaurants around the world has increased so much that the leading publications began to make annual ratings of the top 5 best restaurants in molecular cuisine. The cooks of these establishments happily follow the already established traditions and unite in their dishes seemingly absolutely incongruous ingredients to create a unique taste and style.
In recent years, molecular cuisine has divided into several directions, each of which has its adherents. Despite the variety of alternatives, the essence of the new direction has remained the same: all dishes of molecular cuisine are confirmed by scientific knowledge and guarantee a mad explosion of taste and enjoyment of the appearance of culinary masterpieces.
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