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Bramble: properties and recipes

Bramble - a perennial plant of the family Rosaceae. On the shoots of plants grow spines, stems directly from the fruits. On the palate, juicy berries, sour. The color of the fruit - bright red. In winter, the berries dried or frozen. Stone berry is widely used in cooking: the juice of the berries are cooked, make compotes, useful vitamin infusions and delicious jam.
Beneficial features
Stone berry is rich in iron, copper, zinc and manganese, as well as alkaloids, carbohydrates, sugar and tannins, essential for the body. Juice from the bramble improves health, activates the metabolism and rids the body of toxins. Bramble makes blood vessels stronger and displays the body of cholesterol. Participates in the treatment of digestive tract diseases.
Where and when to collect bramble?
Picking berries in the middle of July. It grows in moist forests, lowlands, as well as some forest roads and abandoned. It is very rare in large berries, so gather a lot at once - a very difficult task. Collect fruits manually it is necessary, tearing along with the stem and placed in a specially prepared dishes. At the gathering to get ready in the morning, after the dew has dried up, and when the weather is nice.
Drying berries can in an oven at a temperature of from 45 to 55 degrees. It is necessary to constantly stir the fruit and check availability. But to berries retained all its useful properties, it is best to dry them outdoors without access to sunlight (in the shade under a canopy). Another option preparations for the winter - frost. To do this, wash the berries, dry them on a towel and freeze in the freezer.
Recipes from the bramble
To make jam, take a kilo of berries, a little more than a kilogram of granulated sugar, and two cups of water. Put fruit in a small bowl, pour hot syrup (sugar dissolved in boiling water) and leave for a few hours. Then pour the syrup into a separate container, boil it and boil down until a thick mass. Again, pour the fruit syrup and cook all together until tender over low heat. Done!
Another tasty and healthy recipe - vitamin drink from a bramble. Take 1 kg of berries, 250 grams of sugar and half a liter of water. Mash and crush the berries, then pour the resulting mixture of hot water, put on the stove and simmer for two minutes. Add sugar, then bring to a boil again. The syrup is ready. Pour it into bottles and put cool.
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