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crafting products Food Fish-Ka

Craft a gastronomic rarity of Roman Trusov delivered to your house!
Craft salt, any Bank of which could become an exhibit of the gastronomic Museum. Jam, the ingredients of which will plunge you into shock. Tea, the healthier and more fragrant which you just will not find anywhere else. The pies, which taste not to forget, but makeup does not unravel, ever. Cider that will impress you no less than the legendary wines.
All this is interesting to try, tasty and convenient to eat, and - nice to give!
Gastronomic sets of food Fish crafting products-Ka! - a great corporate gift option for employees and partners, as well as a great way to Express gratitude and love to loved ones. Food Fish crafting gifts-Ka! just make an impression and talk about the donor as a gourmet and experimenter.
Manifesto Food Fish-Ka!
Creativity. We cook for you in the concept of modern molecular cuisine. Unexpected textures, non-trivial combinations of flavors, new culinary experience. Never before molecular gastronomy was not so accessible! Instead of signing up for a molecular set in an expensive restaurant, you can order the finished product right home.
Nationality. I consider it important to contribute to the revival of undeservedly forgotten Russian culinary traditions. You will be surprised how many delicious dishes can be prepared from traditional Russian products, which previously in the store you did not even pay attention. Prepare a separate line of old recipes.
Exclusivity. My team does not pursue quantity, with an emphasis on quality. Piece production: I personally control the quality of each item. 
Locality. The original ingredients are collected manually in ecologically clean regions of Russia, produced by ourselves, or obtained by special order and in a single amount from small farms.
Ecological compatibility. 100% natural composition. We implement the principle from farm to fork or in our "from the forest to the plate": no extra actions for additional processing of products. 
Freshness. Work in the "restaurant on-line" - prepare Your order " from under the knife."
Minimum shelf life. I am fundamentally against the use of taste modifiers, preservatives, frost. So act like this: saw Food Fish-Ka!, ordered, received and ate!
Speed. I know how important it is for you to get the order quickly and without annoying overlays. We will deliver food Fish-Ka crafting products quickly and on time.
Intrigue. Cooking quests and workshops for those who want to diversify leisure and surprise loved ones. Read more about it here gastronomy casino.
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