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How to determine who is the best chef

TOP 10 best chefs in the world. 
Recently I often hear the phrase: "the best chef of St. Petersburg", involuntarily there is a question on what parameters and who defined it. It turns out that the restaurant is not the most experienced chef. Let us deal, who can wear such title? As chief looks in the eyes of their subordinates, and as in the eyes of guests. 
And now I will give an example of ten chefs who have proved their superiority over other colleagues with their work and talent. These ten professionals have won the world - class Bocused’ Or chef competition.
* 2001-Francois Adamsk
Francois Adamsk began his professional career at Le Touquet school. He worked in many popular restaurants: the Ritz, Maison Prunier, the Intercontinental, and. Francois took part in various culinary competitions and was awarded a Michelin star, but the victory in Bocused ' Or 2001 considers his most important achievement.
* 2003-Charles Tjessem
Educated at the renowned Culinary Institute in Norway, Charles began his career by interning at renowned restaurants in Sweden, the US and Denmark. Returning to his homeland, he became a chef at Bogatelle. Charles Tjessem participated not only in Bocused’ Or, but also in other culinary competitions, and always came back with a victory.
* 2005-Serge Vieira
SergeVieira was the right hand of the famous Regis Marcon. It was his mentor who persuaded him to try his hand at culinary battles, among which Was the Golden Bocuse 2005. The victory inspired the opening of his own restaurant, which was soon awarded a Michelin star.
* 2007-Fabrice Desvignes
Fabrice desvignes Inherited his passion for the kitchen from his parents, who gave him all the family secrets. In the Treasury of Fabrice's achievements, an important place is occupied by work in the government kitchen for members of the Senate. He now teaches and willingly shares his knowledge with aspiring chefs at the Ferrandi school in Paris.
* 2009-Geir Skeie
Inspired by the example of Bent Stiansen, Geir Skeii in 1993 set a goal to win world competitions. For the young chef, the kitchen became a battleground with himself: he trained in the best Norwegian restaurants and spent more than 50 hours a week at the stove to become the best chef.
• 2011 Is Rasmus Kofoed
Rasmus has repeatedly participated in The Golden Bocuse. He first finished third in 2004 and moved up a notch in 2006. Incredible dedication and love for the profession helped Rasmus Kofoed to become the best chef and winner in the world competitions 2011.
• 2013-Thibaut Ruggeri
Thibaut Ruggeri from childhood dreamed of cooking. He tried himself in different cuisines of the world, studied the products of other countries and realized that he did not want to just cook. Cooking turned into creativity, and each dish is a work of art, in which Thibaut put his love.
• 2015-Orjan Johannessen
Orjan's victory was not easy. Since 2007, he, dreaming to take the first place in Bocused’ Or, under the supervision of his star mentor (Ivar Solvold) worked hard and trained. In 2013, culinary Olympus did not submit to the young chef, but he did not give up and returned in 2015 to pick up his prize.
• 2017-Mathew Peters
Mathew Peters began cooking as a child, inspired by the TV program "Great chefs of the world". He believes that America is an ethnic cauldron, and his cuisine is able to combine all the traditions of this big country.
• 2019 – Kenneth Toft-Hansen
Kenneth Toft-Hansen is considered a real fan of his business. At the age of 17, he first started working as a cook. From that moment on, he never stopped cultivating himself. For Kenneth, the real blow was sixth place in the Bocuse de or 2015, but, taking control, he snatched his victory in 2019.
Who is the best chef?
Cooking without question can be attributed to the art, because cooking is not only mixing ingredients, but also the creation of exquisite, appetizing and delicious dishes. As in any form of art in the kitchen of the restaurant must be a Maestro, mentor-chef, culinary talents and impeccable taste which is appreciated not only colleagues but also visitors to restaurants.
The work of a chef requires a lot of effort, and it is much more difficult than it may seem at first glance. So what is he, the best chef, able to lead the team and create delicious dishes that do not leave indifferent even the most demanding connoisseurs.
The best chef in the eyes of the team: 
• A professional in their field. He knows several cuisines, is well versed in them and can provide stable work regardless of the direction of the restaurant;
• Creative person. He is both an artist and a visionary. The best chef is not tasteless food, it is his unique dishes famous chef, it is unlikely that his menu can be found salad "Caesar" and rolls " California»;
• Team member. The team loves to work with him, he is not only a pleasant person who can lead people with his charisma, he gives a lot of valuable information, teaches, motivates, but does not spoil his subordinates and keeps away, he has patience and understanding, corrects the mistakes of chefs and helps in solving issues.The best chef is not a friend to his subordinate cooks, he is their boss. He will always stand "mountain", protect their interests, will do everything necessary to ensure that the team worked harmoniously and enthusiastically.Under his leadership, the kitchen is a single organism functioning like a Swiss watch.
* Chef is the root of the kitchen, it holds everything. He is the most important person in the restaurant, so he controls absolutely everything: the availability and freshness of products and preparations, the relevance and profitability of dishes, the cohesion and efficiency of the team. 
* He admits his mistakes and considers them. A real chef will never be afraid to go into the hall, talk to guests, discuss misunderstandings and offer a compromise. He listens and consults with his team.
• Competently organized work of the team. The best chief, as a General of the armed forces, his actions are thought out. He's always three moves ahead of everyone. The best chef's kitchen can easily cope with any workload, even in his absence. This indicates a properly built technological process, a well-chosen professional team. 
• He always has a tidy mind and calm emotions.He knows how to keep himself in hand, because only in the movies the scattering of food and kitchen equipment looks beautiful. He easily copes with emotional stress and stress in busy hours, is not nervous and knows how to set up his subordinates. He is neat and clean, starting with the appearance and clothing, ending with the workplace and the type of dishes served.
The best chef is the pinnacle and guru of the restaurant, he must adore food and be passionate about cooking, otherwise even the most unassuming guest will feel the catch. 
What is the best chef to guests
* Dishes from the chef of unsurpassed taste, but not osharashivayutgostya their appearance, so the chef is important to combine creativity and sophistication.
* Like any Creator, the chef's eyes should burn. At one look at it the guest should understand that for the chief it is not just work on which he comes from 9 to 5, and the main hobby of life, to skill and improvement in which he devotes not a small share of time.  
* Presentability and openness. Unlike an ordinary cook, the chef must be able to communicate with the guest, accept praise, and in some cases, criticism. In this case, it is worth talking about maintaining the perfect appearance and the ability to keep the "face". The best chef should be able to appear before guests, properly and to the place to make compliments and attract visitors, be able to talk and maintain a conversation.
* The ability to make a "masterpiece" of simple improvised products. Cook a delicious dish of lobster or marbled beef under the power of any chef. As well as the desire to create dishes from a dozen exotic ingredients, not for the better says about the abilities of the cook. The chef must not only keep up with the times, but also be able to work out and come up with new, original dishes that will be remembered not by the uniqueness of its composition, but by the way of cooking and serving, comprising a bit of naturalness and enchanting combination of flavors, understandable to visitors. 
However, 100% to determine the best chef can only be watching his work in the kitchen, in a team with subordinates and the rest of the staff and tasting the dishes created by him and embodied in life
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