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Egyptian Cuisine - Specialties

Egyptian cuisine combines the culture of many civilizations that lived in Egypt or visit him. Gastronomic preferences of dozens of nations and centuries, combined kitchen Egypt, and an invitation to the Egyptian table can be regarded as a fascinating journey through time and the opportunity to feel the unique spirit of this country.
As well as Arabic cuisine, characterized by an abundance of Egyptian spices and seasonings, and, as a rule, sharp taste. Such preferences relate to climatic conditions, in particular with a high temperature. Simple products used in the preparation of the national Egyptian dishes, allow to cook most of them homes without search of exotic ingredients - popular rice, beans, lamb, eggs, and dairy products.
Popular Egyptian cuisine
Fool Medames
This cuisine of Egypt enjoys high popularity and is considered one of the oldest - the first mention of it appeared two thousand years BC. Dishes are made with beans, seasoned with garlic, oil and lemon. All the ingredients were placed in a pot, which is buried in the coals or sand. They may also be used various additives - eggs, tomato sauce or vegetables.
Familiar to all from childhood treat also has Egyptian roots and spread in all the Mediterranean countries. Canonicity halva is made from sesame seeds, are usually present additives enhance the flavor - almonds, pine nuts, pistachios. This paste has earned popularity thanks to unique taste and the absence of special storage conditions. Sometimes paste acts as an ingredient in other dishes - for example, from her cook salakan mixing halva with whipped cream and honey.
Fattah - high-calorie festive dishes Egypt. Figure laid layers together with bread, fried with garlic and vinegar, is laid on top of stew and fried in oil, beef and eggs.
Tahini - Egyptian sesame paste, which is added to many dishes to rich taste. Cooking it is easy - just need a vegetable oil (preferably olive or sesame) and, in fact, sesame. The seeds are ground to the state oil paste, then add the vegetable oil. Next tahini need cool, and it is ready for use.
Taro soup
This soup has a rather long history and is popular to this day. Tubers taro (a plant that grows in the tropical forests) are cleaned and boiled in broth with the addition of coriander, lemon and garlic. Next tuber mashed and served with Egyptian flat bread. Typically, this dish is prepared during Christian holidays.
Another delicacy of Egyptian cuisine is a thin pastry resembling noodles. The origin of this dish almost nothing is known, but it is common in Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Preparation kunafy quite unusual - the liquid is sprayed onto the noodles well heated surface, and then mixed with oil. As the filling is used nuts and whipped cream. Fried noodles wrapped around the filling, pour syrup and baked in an oven.
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