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Pay attention to the dishes, "coming" from the hall

In the previous two rules, I elaborated on the interaction with the guests and the establishment of feedback. I have another effective way to get feedback and I recommend to start using it immediately.
If you regularly bring plates to the sink is not empty, there is reason to think.
Empty dishes – praise of the highest degree for the cook, and constantly remaining food on the plates of guests - more eloquent than any plaintive book. And if you value the reputation of the restaurant and your own name, then you should take care of this problem and find out what was wrong.
Conventionally, such a situation can be divided into private and recurring.  In the first case, it is understood that the root of the problem is the occasional inattention of one of the employees, for example.Here are a few possible situations:
• The guest did not eat the dish or did not eat completely, as does not tolerate onions, tomatoes, peppers – that please did not warn the waiter about the features of food. Or the waiter did not know the composition of the dish.
• The food is too salty, salted insufficiently or taste not opravdaniye guest.
• The dish is cold, as too long was the fault of the cook or waiter.
You always have to be alert. In time, the detected problem will give the opportunity to prevent such cases in the future. Your task – to talk to the waiter, to find out what exactly caused dissatisfaction guests.And, as mentioned in the previous two rules, focus on the satisfaction of the visitor, go to the guest,smooth out the unpleasant impression of unobtrusive communication or compliment. When the audience settled all issues,of course, don't forget to find those responsible and to carry out the corresponding work, otherwise special cases gradually become the regular.
The last few months, you've had better things to do than look at the plates, and you've discovered a problem? So the staff is relaxed and you have a lot of work to do.
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