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Kitchen Roma Rights Trusova.

1. He came to work - check refrigerators. Smell and taste all the blanks. Get organized and clean.
2. Clean, ironed shape, neat appearance says about your attitude to work. Do not be a pig, if you want to be respected.
3. Do not zhmis on good knives. Any self-respecting pro must have a tool.
4. Be fair to your team, do not let the offense, the only way to gain respect.
5. Punctuality - this respect. Never be late for a meeting.
6. Always bargain with suppliers and knocks the best prices.
7. Do not be shy to send back substandard products and punish those? who brings them.
8. Starting a new contract, always secure the financial performance of institutions in order to subsequently determine its value.
9. Always stand on your own if you're right, never retreat.
10. If someone pokes his nose into your scope, you need to either give the nose or shift the responsibility.
11. Never let go of the guest is not satisfied. Find out what's going on. Sometimes everything can be worked out socializing, sometimes compliments and desserts will help lift your mood.
12. Do not disdain to go to the gym and get to know personally the guests their opinion.
13. glanced at the sink, if not bring plates are empty, there is reason to think.
14. Give the opportunity to stand at the sink cooks, at least one day, so they will appreciate the work of the kitchen worker.
15. Wages employee depends on its value. The new employee must show that capable.
16. Making shifts in positions in the kitchen, you get a versatile and adds value to the employee.
17. Give the employee an opportunity to unlock the creative potential, then he will be grateful to you.
18. If an investor teaches you to work, or you do not work with the employer either did not explain to him his position initially.
19. Always dither conflicts between chefs and waiters, in controversial situations, defended the interests of the kitchen.
20. Give your time for thought vendors, ordering products from others. So the price will be cheaper, and product quality.
21. The team constantly checks on knowledge of the TTC. Weight, name and technology cook should know by heart.
22. It is better to delay the meal than give it substandard.
23. Always punish those cooks who give poor quality food.
24. controlled to administrators punished waiters who take low-quality food and do not know your menu.
25. If the rush to development of the new menu offer it to do themselves.
26. Study the new menu creative process, worked out every meal, until it is polished.
27. The new menu must first try itself, then the investor, only then cooks, waiters.
28. Moyschitsa a member of the team, without which the ship may sink.
29. always require high-quality work with their staff.
30. Is Served always effective. Taking every three months a new employee and removing weak.
31. Always progresses, interested in new chips and technologies to communicate in International Povarskoy Alliance.
32. Do not give vent to emotions - this weakness. Always consider coolly and calmly.
33. Each chef must be controls.
34. Remember that your value is reflected in the profitability of institutions, good reviews and strengthening brand establishment.
35. investors need profit every chef should be aimed at this result.
36. Advertising - the motor trade. Always collect money on behalf of the promotion and brand.
37. Do not be afraid to criticize those who treat you negatively.
38. When ready, be sure to taste it at all stages of what you're doing.
39. organize the work of staff, you will find time for creativity.
40. Your value depends on your experience.
41. Try to keep the book reviews often fell to the guests, so you will control the situation.
42. Never go down on the brakes, errors chefs, otherwise they will be repeated.
43. Clean the kitchen is characterized, above all, you. Do not be an asshole.
44. If you cook or what does not, help him find a job.
45. The system of "carrot and stick" in the kitchen works very effectively. Observe that balance.
46. Do not forget about the corporate spirit of his team. The team as a family.
47. Do not waste your time on small kickbacks suppliers. Name is always more expensive.
48. Prices in humans dedication and responsibility of these people formed a team.
49. attends culinary exhibitions and competitions. Communication and new information are not redundant.
50. Use your site to the maximum. Master classes, catering, delivery - all of these areas bring money to the enterprise, and thus increase your value.
51. pay special attention to «staff nutrition", people dobreyut when full.
52. Eat at «a la carte», chief shall control the quality of its menu.
53. You must be in the form, and then prepare a correct and healthy diet.
54. If you do not turn on a patronymic, Arrange employee depression, you have to respect even if in this case, out of fear.
55. Bring the waiter handed the menu you. Your menu - your name. Show me who's in charge of the institution.
56. Video surveillance simplifies the search for the perpetrators.
57. Saving energy reduces costs and increases your value. Do not burn the investor's money they can effectively spend on something else.
58. Do not change clothes with the staff, always knocks his office and self-respect.
59. Do not copy other people's ideas, learn how to generate your own.
60. Periodically check the waiters are not reporting to food products, so over time will have an additional quality control on the part of the audience.
61. Kicking mysterious objects in the refrigerator, you can check the cooks and understand how these refrigerators are cleaned and checked.
62. Never will withhold guest. You can do everything - only a matter of time and price.
63. Always be overwritten for a job, not to shift without the need for cooks.
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