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Kitchen rules. The salary of an employee is determined by his / her professional skills.

The salary of an employee is determined by his / her professional skills.
Every day we become participants in trade relations. The device to work or hire an employee is also a deal, only knowledge and skills are sold in this case. Naturally, the same laws of the capitalist market will apply here. Understanding this is important for both the employer and the employee, so let's talk about the following rule, which should be guided by the chef:
The salary of an employee depends on its value.
Here are a few aspects that explain why newcomers to the team should not earn as much as long-working.
A new employee, especially a young and inexperienced one, is eager to get a lot of money here and now.The desire, of course, is quite natural, but I advise these guys to cool down a little – believing that they know and know how everything in the world, they risk quickly disappointed, faced with real circumstances and a large amount of work.
A new employee should immediately indicate that its value in the first few weeks. Successful immersion in the working process is not a matter of one day, requiring a lot of effort and desire. People have to Orient yourself in a new workplace to get used to the colleagues and to build them to full-fledged working relationship, remember the location of premises and equipment – so,while there is introductory work and training, the beginner to morethanalive along with the others. Then he delves into the subtleties, specifics of the enterprise, studies the technical maps, remembers how the dishes look, adjusts to the timing. 
People who are slowly grasping information bring more trouble than good, so it just makes no sense for them to offer a high salary at the start. But the most nimble and quick-witted quickly delve into the course of things and become full-fledged members of the team – in this case, you can already think about changing the level of wages in a positive way. And, by the way, big-name chefs that can boast an impeccable reputation of proberutsya coming even from other countries for experience sharing. Apprenticeships solidly pay for the opportunity to work with a master of his craft.
But it is worth remembering that the value of the employee can be formed not only from experience in your particular institution. A cook who has worked for a dozen years in top restaurants will cost more than yesterday's student. For example, refresher courses or participation in international cooking competitions will have an impact on wages, but it is necessary to raise it only after the employee demonstrates in practice what he is capable of.
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