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I have experience in conducting workshops with children. From this event I, and other participants were the most warm and touching memories. Secretly always wanted to continue in this direction, extending it to charity or to a festive game.However, I would like to go ahead and invest more in fantasy cooking games for children.First thought. For example, do not just collect all the big table and cook anything, and connect it with fun games, perhaps even with the dynamic quest for ingenuity. Naturally, you need to separate the roles and responsibilities of the parents or the animators: the organization of the holiday must be mutual. I see this scenario: kids come to the event and receive a job to find the products or utensils (depends on the imagination of parents and sanitation facilities), carefully packed and hidden in the most unexpected places. And to these masonry find the kids have to go through special assignments or to guess riddles. Then they all get together, put trophies and are prepared edible.Second thought. Cooking for kids - it extremely fascinating. If you create the right atmosphere, organize costumes and choose a suitable environment, success is assured. For example, children quite able to work pitstsmeykerami. It is not only delicious, fun, but also extremely fun! Stock up enough caps, aprons, young cooks sit down at a large table to show them an example. Everything! From blanks lying before them on the table - pizza bases, sauces, toppings - easily create exactly the pizza that taste your fidget. Ideally, if such an event will take place on the basis of the pizzeria. Then and pastries, and serving, and entourage will not be any problems. This may well be the scenario of child birth, which you can surprise even the most spoiled fidgets.Thought third. It seems to me that for older children, teens, very important to conduct master classes in nature. For example, it is possible to conduct a lesson on cooking meals on the grill and grill: barbecue, baked vegetables, fish and mushrooms. This is true for young people, as soon they will begin to leave themselves cottages with friends, fry and have fun while parents can be sure about the quality of meat cooked on a fire. Besides, it's more complicated than simply cut salads or snacks, and will be doubly interesting to those who do not consider themselves small.Thought fourth. You can also dream up on what cooking games for girls can be organized to prepare them to receive guests, to the role of hostess in the kitchen. You can make an interesting accent on serving dishes, teach the basics of carving, table setting. The emphasis is on how to prepare and serve the dish "in the restaurant" - no association with the school lessons of economics and other vestiges of patriarchal despotism.In fact scenarios children master classes can sketch a great variety. It all depends on the age, character and interests of children and the financial capacity of their parents. It is important to remember that adult games - cooking school, for example, may influence the decision to get a child of a particular profession, open it in a hidden talent and passion for cooking. And if the child does not pull and become a chef or pastry chef, this experience still expand his horizons and enrich new skills.All that is necessary for the organization of children's workshops with the chef, is:• Spacious kitchen and / or premises adjacent to it, to accommodate the cutting table (tables).• Pre-purchased in consultation with the chief supplies, spices, tools (if necessary) in an amount sufficient for the children present.• Several hours of free time that your children spend with a good heartbeat and without harm (and even vice versa!) For health.In the same way it is possible to prepare a place for children's birthday meal, delicious homemade cakes, ice cream, rolls, and other goodies, so loved by children. So contact me for holding unusual, useful, memorable leisure, and I'll teach your children of the real class!
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