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Cooking classes for children. Games in the kitchen with the kids

Here I will list the list of effective and interesting culinary game in which every child is willing to take part - you only will draw up a program of culinary evening by suitable entertainment, and prepare all the necessary start.
Before reading I recommend to read my article on how to teach your child the basics of cooking.
Beat foam
One of the most attractive tools for the baby in the kitchen - this is probably the whisk.
In a bowl, add a little warm water and soaked gelatine, place it in the sink. Put on an apron baby and put it on a chair to the sink. Surprise and delight with which the child whips foam indescribable. If everything goes in a bowl you can add something more interesting - for example, a little beet juice.
Putting the face
With different parts Compete with your child in the "assembly" of a person on a plate, porridge, mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs - for example, making eye olives, mouth piece of red pepper and a nose of cherry tomato. For details, you can offer a child greens, nuts, peas, carrots, berries, raisins, jam, slices of fruit and vegetables.
And for dessert
The biggest interest in cooking wakes the children, when it comes to dessert. Try to cook together jelly or pudding, giving the child an opportunity to connect and measure ingredients. Allow him to choose a supplement, for example, chocolate or fruit pieces. Try to make every child's choice and in any case do not criticize it - you can just send it.
It is also simple desserts to cook with your child perfect cooking shortbread - like your child to cut out figures made of dough using molds or sculpt something on their own - for example, animals or his own name.
Breakfast eat yourself ...
Breakfast time - an excellent opportunity to learn self-reliance. Allow your child to choose a dish that he wants for breakfast, and then prepare it together. A child without problems will learn how to cook sandwiches, whisk eggs, decorating dishes, utensils and napkins lay.
Game test
Another exciting game in the kitchen - playing with the dough. Allow your child can prepare the dough for the game (of course, under your strict guidance). Let's put an apron and you hand him the bowl, measuring cup and a wooden spoon, and the following ingredients:
• Flour - 1.5 cups;
• Salt - 0.5 spoons;
• Water - 0.25 cups;
• Vegetable oil - 0.25 cups.
All this must be mixed (the water and slowly add oil). In the water you can add food coloring. Allow your child to cook dough "lunch" for the dolls, and then submit it to the plastic toy dishes. Also from such a test can sculpt various figures.
To reuse such a test, it must be stored in the refrigerator before the next game lightly greased with vegetable oil.
You can come up with other games in the kitchen - do not limit your imagination and always let the child choose, because it is likely that he has a lot of ideas for games. So you not only have fun, but also give the child the opportunity to learn a lot.
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