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Culinary master class in St. Petersburg

Cooking is perhaps the only art that can touch every person. You may not be impressed with masterpieces of cinema, paintings of classics and compositions, filtered by time, but in terms of food, humanity is in solidarity - everyone loves healthy, quality, tasty food. And if earlier the recipes were handed down from generation to generation, and cooking books were extracted in the most insane ways, today such a problem has disappeared, and anyone can climb the World Wide Web and try to prepare a dish according to the recipes of the world's leading chefs. The question remains only in the development of the relevant skills, and there are several ways - to wean in a cooking school, to use video lessons and books, or to attend a culinary master class in St. Petersburg.
1. Culinary institution - perfect fit, if you plan to build your career in this direction. If you would like to simply prepare for yourself, this approach will be unjustifiably costly in terms of time and budget;
2. Information from open sources - the advantages of this method of education are its availability and the ability to choose the time for training independently. Of the obvious shortcomings is the lack of a mentor who will correct your mistakes and prompt the right ways for development;
3. Culinary master classes in St. Petersburg - one of the most balanced ways of acquiring useful skills for domestic use. You do not have to spend a lot of time, money and energy, but at the same time you will significantly improve the level of your knowledge and skills. Culinary master classes are enjoyed by both novice and experienced chefs who want to hone their skills or learn something new. In addition, such events are charged with energy and motivation, which can not but rejoice.
I offer professional culinary master classes in St. Petersburg, which have no analogues. You can contact me, and I will consult you on the available options, we can discuss the program of a culinary master class, choose the dishes and techniques that you would like to master. There are a lot of options and formats for the master class:
• Culinary master class in St. Petersburg for children;
• Master class on molecular cuisine for beginners and professionals;
• Culinary master class for advanced training;
• Master-class for baking;
• Corporate, teambuilding master classes;
• Culinary master class on an individually compiled program.
The advantage of my master classes is a professional approach - you will get unique skills and knowledge in extremely short terms. The duration of the master class can vary depending on the direction that you have chosen. To discuss the details, please contact me:
• E-mail:
• Mobile: +7 (906) 225-65-97
With my help, you can also organize a culinary master class in St. Petersburg as a gift - a close friend is sure to be delighted with the certificate or coupon that you will hand him, and will receive a lot of positive emotions during the event.
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