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Font for a bath Wooden

Lovers of bathing pleasures know that consume large quantities of alcohol and stick it in a heavy meal is not necessary to bath. Because instead of a healthy holiday you can get problems with pressure, stomach, heart and blood vessels. If you're taking a bath in a meal, choose snacks made from natural and fresh products. They will not burden the body and satisfy your hunger. snack options can spy on the site.
Natural and eco-friendly bath should be not only food, but also accessories. For example, the font is recommended to take only from the tree.
The best choice - natural wood
No modern material may not match the environmental and safety with natural wood. Traditions of Russian baths suggest that wooden font - the right thing for the adoption of water treatments. After a dip in it, you can do to look younger and feel better.
What are the fonts?
The font may be made in the form of drums (circular or oval) or have another shape. To many models it offered complete wooden staircase. Modern fonts are equipped with lighting, heating and even a hot tub. Such Russian wooden hot tub is obtained. There are models that are equipped with a tracking system for the water level and control its temperature. Of course, these models are quite expensive in cost. Sometimes within the font set the bench to man was to sit comfortably.
How to use?
Barrels-font is used not only for installation in a traditional bath, they are used in the Japanese baths, put in saunas. Often near the drum set oblivnye bucket to supplement the water treatments in a warm purchase contrasting douches. Such procedures are very useful for health. Hot is not always placed in the bath, some models (processed by special means) can be placed on the street.
Preparing to Install
Before you install the barrel for a swim in the indoor, it is required to provide high-quality waterproofing the floor. It is necessary to free up space to install the font. Its size depends on how many people can stay in the barrel. You want to install the drain system (as in the usual bath) and test it by filling Hot water and leave for 2-3 hours.
How to care for accessory?
• Subject to certain rules Hot sex is long
• Do not leave the barrel without water for more than 7 days, otherwise the tree will begin to crack
• Do not install the barrels near radiators or stoves
• Do not clean the Hot abrasives
• It is necessary to periodically tighten the hoops
• Do not leave the container in the sun (if it is not treated with special means)
• Treat the wood from mold and mildew
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