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To buy then if at the SPb or to grow

My friend Anton Kudinov, a certified agronomist and practitioner, shared useful information. 
Caminata the ABC of microcline
* Note Seeds. Where to buy seeds for micro-greenery
Much depends on the quality of seeds: the number of seedlings and the quality of seedlings. For growing on the windowsill, you can buy seeds at the grocery store. For example, peas, amaranth, mash, lentils, sunflower, soy. But brown buckwheat is not suitable, it is processed and therefore will not germinate.
You can also find seeds for growing micro-greenery in eco-stores, health food stores, and in the garden Department of construction hypermarkets.
Quality and price do not always correlate. But if we talk about food seeds, I noticed that more expensive ones give better shoots.
The seeds of microcline recommend to soak plastic containers in warm filtered water. Legumes (peas, mash, lentils) for 6-8 hours, the rest - for 12-24 hours.Then they can be sown in a single layer in the ground or grown without a substrate.
• Note The Temperature. How to germinate a microplot
During soaking, the water temperature should be +40/50 °C, while growing +18/22 °C. However, I also had a positive experience of growing micro-greens of sunflower, radish, arugula, sorrel and watercress at +8/10 °C.
* Note Humidity. Buy then if or grow
If you choose to germinate seeds without a substrate, then twice a day they must be washed with filtered water. If in the ground, then as it dries. It is very simple to determine whether it is time to water: if you touch the ground with your finger, the ground does not stick, then you can water. 
When the seedlings have just hatched, they need a little moisture. And as you grow, you need to increase watering. For example, I use a special "water bottle" - a bottle with a narrow neck. To control humidity in industrial production, fans are installed, and at home, you can pour a little water into the container tray. 
I recommend following the rule: it is better not to add a little bit than to pour. Excess moisture is fraught with the appearance of living creatures in the form of mold and midges. This is a serious problem that is difficult to get rid of.
• Note The Substrate. What to grow then if
The substrate can be cotton wool, gauze, coconut soil, vermiculite, enriched peat, garden land, and more. Or you can do without it at all and grow seedlings in an empty container or in a Bank.
I conducted experiments with seedling soil. The PH value is important in it. It is better that this value is equal to 5.5-6.5. The price and quality of the soil are dependent: the cheaper the soil, the more problems when growing. Coconut substrate in its pure form may not be suitable for all crops, it is good for hydroponics.
I advise you to calcine the garden earth in the oven on a baking sheet for 1-1. 5 hours. But there is another, though more time-consuming, method. You need to take 2-3 kg of untreated garden soil, put it in a container with filtered water and turn on the compressor (aerator) for the aquarium. To improve the soil properties, add vermicompost (organic fertilizer obtained with earthworms) and a tablespoon of sugar/jam. This system works every day. At the exit, the substrate should not smell bad. Let this mixture dry and you can sow the seeds.
• Note The Light. What kind of light to buy for mikroseleni
When the length of the light day is reduced, the micro-shadow needs to be added to the illumination. An ordinary incandescent lamp will not work. It is necessary to focus on two types of lamps: fluorescent lamps with a power of 15-18 W with a base of type E27 and E40 (screwed into a standard cartridge) and led (Led-lamps, in particular). 
For home mini-production, the first option is enough. It is necessary that the light falls at a right angle, and the distance from the plant to the lamp was within 15-25 cm. 
* Note Ventilation. Do I need to do a blowout for micro-greenery
For industrial volumes, it is necessary to install additional blowing-fans. When I had five containers with micro-greenery, I blew them a couple of times with a fan. In this way, I balanced the watering mode and the room temperature.
* Note of Patience and love. Then if to buy in SPb
It is patience and love that sometimes play a crucial role. Often, due to lack of time, forgetfulness or banal laziness, many people give up growing such a useful and beautiful product. Therefore, before you start sprouting micro-greenery, weigh – are you ready to spend time and effort? Perhaps it's easier to buy a finished product?
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