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Buy jam as a gift

This is my new project together with "Loft cafe" and "food_fish_ka". The product that we developed and cooked is made primarily with love. Every spoonful of our author's jam contains a part of the soul, manual labor and positive energy. 
Life is interesting as this jam. This slogan is attached to our craft product. Seemingly incompatible products open up new facets of combinations and taste solutions. You don't have to be a gourmet, just take a jar of our author's jam when you are going to visit, and the topic of conversation is provided.
We launched four proven combinations of author's jam, which received the most positive reviews. 
Melisa cucumber jam. 
This fresh taste of translucent cucumber slices will be in good harmony with the acutely seasoned mix of micro-greens, young cheese, and crispy bread. Mint notes will give piquancy. Perfect for dry white Chardonnay or author's wine with black currant.
Jam tomatoes mango.
 An incomparable combination of flavors, added lemon zest and fresh fresh give citrus notes. The jam will blend perfectly with fresh fruit and young clover seedlings. Paradise salads for Zozhnikov and people who adhere to proper nutrition. Just a little of the author's jam with crispy rice chips and a micro-green salad will sparkle with a special, unique taste.
Pineapple chili jam.
Eastern version of the taste faces. Hot chili with sweet and sour pineapple. A crazy gastronomic combination that will go well with rabbit pate and the author's dessert wine on cucumber with cranberries. Fresh, crispy baguette with homemade butter will perfectly complement the taste palette. 
Jam beet cinnamon.
It would seem ordinary beets... But I am proud to say that due to the technology of preparation and concentration of taste-perhaps one of the most interesting jams that is worth buying. Sour-spicy notes drown out the usual taste of beets. It perfectly harmonizes in a duet with cottage cheese and sour cream, pancakes, cheesecakes, foie Gras, steak with blood and demiglas sauce. 
How and where to buy jam in St. Petersburg 
The author's jam is packaged in a glass jar with a volume of 250ml. the price of jam varies depending on the amount of purchase made. One jar of jam costs 280rub. Two cans can be bought for 500r. 
The first way is to purchase a jam. Order delivery from the comfort of your home. You just need to call or write to vatsap +79062256597. Delivery from 3000rub. or at the metro station Bolshevikov Ave. - free. 
The second way to buy jam. Stop by one of our catering outlets. 
- Karl Faberge square building 8. (Ladoga station) "Loft cafe" on the second floor in the business center.
- 49 Marshal Govorov street. (Baltiysky railway station) dining Room on the second floor in the business center.
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