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Better a delay than low-quality meal at the guest table

Nobody likes to wait, and waiting for food at the restaurant is particularly tedious. Guest and not realize how complex the process of creation of a treat, and it is, in truth, is not obliged to think about it. It is natural that the order delay causes dissatisfaction and irritation on the part of the guest, and some chefs are trying to get out, cooking in a hurry, losing sight of the important details of the attention - yes, in the end the food is prepared quickly, but the quality leaves much to be desired. Often the chef or sous-chef ignores the fact that the preparation does not meet expectations, and sends it to the guest -peredelyvanie takes extra time and excessive expectation of the visitor does not add positive emotions.
Newbie or boss who does not have sufficient experience, can a little confused, because the situation seems hopeless: on the one hand, the guest is unlikely to suit a long wait on the other - who wants to save the reputation of the fact that the dish was prepared in a hurry, do not correctly. I offer a reasonable solution to the following rule:
It is better to delay the meal than give it poor quality.
If time is short, and the dish is still in the process of preparation - in any case, do not let the chefs do not care about quality. Do not get lost, and choose delay dishes, and you can wait a little to smooth compliment - for example, to offer guests a lemon sorbet. His pitch will take a minimum of time, and the feast itself refresh receptors excite the appetite and increase the loyalty of guests. Cost compliment I recommend to deduct from the wages of the offender cook - it will be a fair and honest, and wean slave of love for careless.
Summarizing all the above, it is possible to make some major conclusions from this rule:
1. Check that receives a guest, should be of exceptional quality, regardless of external factors. Problems of food in any case should not touch the guest;
2. Without punishment and harsh suppression of the situation can not be solved, so watch carefully and do not forget to fine chefs and sous-chefs that allow supply of low-quality food;
3. Waiters, as the last link in the chain of transmission of the order the guest, also involved in the situation. Ignorance of the menu and receive low-quality food must be punished.
The final claim in the end have to listen to the boss, so if you do not want your every day overshadowed dissatisfied faces of guests and their angry exclamations - Teach yourself to comply with this simple rule.
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