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The best chefs of Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow

It's no secret that we love to eat delicious food. This is a natural need. However, not everyone can cook delicious and high-quality food like a restaurant chef.
At the head of any successful restaurant is a team of professionals. The trend of European restaurants has shown that the chef is not only at the head of the kitchen, but also is the face, the brand of the institution. He is responsible for many processes, and in the most successful restaurants, the chef is the investor and owner of the establishment. The loyalty of all visitors to the hall directly depends on their abilities. In this blog, I hasten to disappoint you, you will not see the lists of the best chefs in Russia, St. Petersburg or Moscow. On the contrary, I will try to explain why it is not correct to do this. For me, it remains unclear who determines this status and by what parameters. But to be honest, we are well aware when opening the next list with names, that this is just paid PR, or the incompetence of the authors of such articles. Let's look at this question in more detail.
What does the phrase best chef mean?
Did you know that the word "chef" can be completely unrelated to the field of cooking? So, for example:
1. In the 18-19 centuries in Russia, the chief was called the chief, the commander of the regiment. In other words, the word was associated with military paraphernalia
2. The chief is also called the head of an enterprise or an institution
3. Another chief is someone who has taken command of someone or something
Now let's look at the meaning of the word "best" in the explanatory dictionary of Ushakov:
1. The word is both a comparative and a superlative of the adjective good.
2. The chosen, the most excellent, the choicest, the first-class, the best, the preferred, the outstanding, the preeminent.
Such stereotypes about this phrase can be found in dictionaries and historical references. Now let's delve into the functionality and responsibilities of the chief in detail.
What the best chefs in Russia can do
The position of the chef of the restaurant is a big responsibility, he will be responsible for everything that happens in the kitchen. Any mistake made by employees is the responsibility of the chief himself. He sets an example, mentors colleagues and is the main engine of the entire restaurant process.
* this is a professional in his field, he may know several cuisines, is well versed in them, and also provides stable work in any direction of the restaurant's activities
* this is a creative person, he is like an artist.. A good chef does not have bad food, it is unique and delicious food that he is famous for
* he is close-knit with his team. The team likes to work with such people, as this is not only the person who can lead with his energy and enthusiasm, but also can give out a lot of valuable information. The chef teaches, motivates, but does not spoil his team-mates and usually looks from the outside, has patience and understanding, corrects the chefs in case of mistakes, helps them in solving any questions that arise
* this is the foundation of the kitchen and restaurant, on which the system and organization of work is based. He is the most important person here, who controls all the processes
* the best chefs are able to recognize mistakes and deal with them. A good pro will never be afraid to go out into the hall, talk to a guest, discuss misunderstandings and offer a compromise. He knows how to listen and consult with his team, has a certain authority and respect
* can competently build the work of the team. Each action is thought out one step ahead
* he should always have order in his head and maximum calm in his emotions. He knows how to control himself
* the boss is well versed in the product and knows how to conduct a dialogue with suppliers
This is only a small part of the features and skills inherent in a professional in their field. By the way, you can read more detailed information about who is the best chef in my book, which is called "Kitchen Rules". You can use this link to download its announcement for free.
In which areas can the best chefs be identified
It is impossible to know everything and be the first. For example, in the confectionery art alone, there are various directions such as caramel, chocolate, mastic, working with dough, glazes - in which the masters hone their skills all their lives. Now we will see where the strongest are identified.
1. International competitions. We know a number of such events, the winners of which receive a certain recognition. I myself have participated more than once in international competitions of this type and I can say that not everything is as correct and honest as I would like. There are many reasons that determine the outcome of events not in a fair way, such as: the financial component, the authority of the boss, political pressure, and many others. Another thing is if a large number of people would try the result without knowing who is cooking. But again, this is only revealing the taste. and in addition to this parameter, there are many others in the work of the chief.
2. Revenue and popularity of the restaurant. The numbers speak volumes. So, the profit of the restaurant could be put as a factor in identifying success. But past the chef in the restaurant there is a huge team of people who depend on this success. Therefore, this option can also not be attributed to the exact definition of the best chef in Russia or St. Petersburg.
3. Media content and the level of the boss ' ad-lib. Television, cooking shows, and books make many chefs famous. Does this mean that they are really better than others or cool masters of their craft? Not at all. Put such a star in boxing for international competitions or give a complex project that needs to be resuscitated, not always such a person will be able to show the result.
4. Pumping personal professional skills. Each direction has its own talents. Someone has proven himself in carving, someone in working with caramel, and someone just makes the best shawarma or can chop cabbage faster than others.
And now think about whether the chefs from the rating of the best chefs in St. Petersburg and Moscow correspond to all these factors? And whether it is correct to make such ratings. Write comments to the post.
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