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Best Chef

Chef - a master of his craft, and the absolute master in the kitchen. Every day he is looking for new tastes and trends in the restaurant trade, the creation of copyright dishes pilot the most unusual combination of ingredients. For many thousands of years the art of cooking new dishes have been perfected by great masters, and only a true professional will be able to take its place on the same pedestal with them.
To determine the best chefs, it is worth to determine what qualities are important to the profession.
Firstly, it is the ability to distinguish the finest tastes and smells of different ingredients, great taste and olfactory memory. Visual design dishes also merit chef, because you can have long-known food is served so that it necessarily will gain new fans. Penchant for creativity, experimentation and improvisation should be combined with a sense of time, responsibility and ability to solve several problems at once, quickly switch between them without losing the quality of execution. Check this side works best chefs can only watching him work in the kitchen and tasting dishes cooked them.
But the work of the chef - is not only to create new flavor compositions. It is also working on the study of consumer demand, the need to continually learn and develop new technologies in the world of cooking (for example, an innovative molecular cuisine). Certificates and awards at competitive master chief says the desire to cultivate, rather than routinely repeat long passed.
What he's the best chef? This is a responsible position as subordinate to it are dozens of kitchen workers and cooks. That chef establishes communication with suppliers and direct manufacturer is responsible for the freshness and quality of products that are used to prepare culinary masterpieces. Therefore, as any manager, master chef should be able to organize the work of the team to all work in his kitchen as an accurate Swiss watch. Check the operation and coordination of the team is quite easy - ask a few questions about the personnel boss, and it becomes clear there is respect for the boss or not the authority. Coordination of work can be seen in the open kitchen stimulating work non-standard orders.
It is clear that with such responsibility and great emotional stress to cope not everyone, but only the best chef. And the difficult working conditions (all day on their feet for a hot stove) leave their mark. Therefore, the chef should be even and strong physically, have a balanced psyche and high stress. It is, incidentally, will help in dealing with various chief regulatory and inspection bodies and services, because it is also his care.
And, perhaps most important quality that distinguishes a true master chef, is the ability to stop in time. Use dozens of exclusive ingredients in one culinary specialties - mauvais ton. True professionals always leave fraction of naturalness and natural, understandable to any gourmet.
And, of course, not to mention the competitions and rating system, which annually determine the best of the best chefs from around the world. Among the most famous - Bocuse d'Or, Global Chef Challenge, San Pellegrino Young Chef. Of course, basically their laureates - held restaurateurs who have successfully engaged in their favorite thing. However, in small competitions for beginners inquisitive eyes recruiters may well determine the potential of the new Gordon Ramsay and Alain Ducasse.
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