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Qualities of a good chef.

What is it, the best chef?
Of course, we all know that the chef is the king and the god of the kitchen of any restaurant and cafe. It is worth noting that he is a true master of the kitchen affairs, he must have many qualities. Of course, the main thing that is peculiar to the present chef is culinary talent. But watching a lot of films tells the story of the great chefs and their culinary masterpieces, we can conclude that it is the people of mood.
Best Chef - is not just a status, but a vocation.
Many cooks dream to take the place of the restaurant kitchen gurus. But not everyone knows what qualities you must have to get the work. Based on many interviews, which give world-famous chef, there are several qualities of "perfect chef": patience, endurance, curiosity and a desire for self-development!
And, of course, do not forget about a good sense of humor. Ask: "Why this?" Elementary! Job chef involves not only the preparation of various culinary specialties, but also inserting into them a piece of his soul, that is its own special creativity. And as they say, what mood to cook a dish, such will be his taste. Therefore, you have to go to work, taking with him a small portion of the positive. Of course, a summary of the chef, as well as numerous recommendations, restaurant owners are very closely. After all, they are looking for a person, not just owning a rich culinary experience, but also with the special human qualities. Who wants to "stew in a pot" with a tyrant or a person who can not control their emotions? Many famous chefs argue that his path to success has helped them find exactly love. Love your work. Of course, no one misses the fact that the desire to improve their financial situation, too, should be. In general, a kitchen for the cook, it's like a second home where he can not only cook, but also to have fun from the heart. In other words, just be yourself. The main thing to remember that the love for the kitchen to be equated with the love that you give to your other half. And this is perhaps the most important quality is the best chef in the kitchen who is a father and mentor to other chefs. He can shout or praise for the ingenuity and good food. On this basis, it should be noted, and one more quality - the ability to find a common language with his subordinates. And not only with employees but also with the authorities. In addition, the quality of which should be present in every chef is the ability to handle stress and diplomacy. From my practice I can remember times when I wanted to take a hot iron pan and give clout "is not a good man." But here, just manifested stress, then diplomacy. Therefore, striving for your goal, do not forget about these qualities! Move the summary of the article as the significance of the inherent qualities of the chef. In the first place I would put my organizational skills, ability to manage staff. Operations should ensure the respect of the staff, and it is sometimes very difficult. Then, very important is the culinary talent and knowledge technologies. Many do not capture the desired style in the supply, overload the plate, someone does not have enough experience in technological processes. I believe that the chief should not be as thick as we used to see all the pictures. This suggests that people do not know the basics of good nutrition, and thus, it does not feed the guests, and the grass. Fat Chef, bad chef. What else is needed chef addition to the above? Name. This is a very important parameter that depends on many factors. PR, the ability to surprise, the knowledge, the amount of money invested. Finally I will say the most important thing. In order to become a good chef you need only desire. Strong desire is a motivational engine. Do not chase the money first.
If you want to work with the best chef, do not ask in the interview, which will be the salary. He will determine how much you work. The main show a willingness to learn.
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