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Massimo Bottura

great secret of success
He called those who "re-invents Italian cuisine." Massimo Bottura says that just looking at the traditional cuisine "at a distance of ten miles."
What is the secret of his incredible success?
Perhaps the fact that he does not just cook and culinary art. Creative Master, inspired by music and painting from conventional products to create a true picture. Many dishes Bottura became legends, each has its own history and unusual name.
Perhaps the secret of success Bottura also in the fact that working on his incredible cooking, he never forgot about Chef Missy - delicious and satisfying to feed the people? Legendary chef finds time for charity, opening soup kitchens for the homeless and needy.
Mossimo was born September 30, 1962 in Modena, Italy. He planned to make a career as a lawyer (his brothers and father). However, in 1986, he devoted himself to the "main passion of his life" - cooking, music and visual arts, by aligning your favorite hobbies in their culinary masterpieces.
Bottura gained in Campazzo some old cafes. While working there, he learned the secrets of the kitchen "emilyanskoy". After engaging in their establishments known and talented chefs, the Italian succeeded and he became popular. Classic French cooking, he pored over with George Konya.
Then, in 1992, the most titled at the time restaurateur (and chef), Alain Ducasse has invited Massimo to work in Monaco, to his restaurant «Le Louis XV». Together they not only worked together, became friends.
After working in Monaco, Massimo continued to learn and improve their skills already in New York «Caffe di Nonna». By the way, here he met his future wife.
The famous and unique restaurant «Osteria Francescana» (Modena) was opened for guests in 1995. All the food that is served in the «Osteria Francescana» made from traditional products, but the appearance of dishes and unusual names make them magical. Each has a manual that tells how it must eat.
Spectacular dishes
Of those dishes which Massimo Bottura cooked when I was in Russia, the most impressive and stunning effect produced several.
• «Uovo cavolfiore e caviale affumicato» - is a poached egg, served with sturgeon caviar (smoked), laid on a cream of cauliflower. Pre-processed egg low temperatures, decorated with black caviar. Syringe in his injected extract of lobster heads.
• «Filetto di vitello da latte alla cenere, profumo di griglia, succo di balsamico e crema di patate». Meat veal elapsed roasting at a low temperature, covered with coal, vegetables, added balsamic vinegar and potato cream.
• «Potato waiting to become a truffle» - «potato who wants to become a truffle" baked potato half with vanilla, decorated with truffle cream.
master Achievements
Hard work and love for the art of Massimo Bottura has earned three Michelin stars and the title of one of the chefs in the world better. He released a few specialized books have received universal recognition.
One of the best chefs of the world, winner of many awards. The most significant of them was his restaurant «Osteria Francescana»:
• Restaurant of the Year 2011 BMW
• International award «Gastronomie» Academy
• First place in the list of "50 best restaurants in the world"
Philosophy Bottura
Massimo believes that all that he is ready to forgive. He likes products that are produced in his native Italy. Massimo calls his cuisine "my vanguard" and states that he is not trying to complicate anything, just wants to get to the essence of food, and for this you just need to cut off all unnecessary.
Bottura introduces its concept of a pyramid, the top idea, and already below the ingredients and equipment for their preparation.
Chef legend feels gastronomic revolutionary who love to try new things. He believes that any food should be prepared slowly, that's perfect technology.
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