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Master class in cooking in St. Petersburg

Food is, perhaps, the theme that unites all of humanity: love for tasty, useful, superbly designed food is not alien to all of us. Cooking for many of us is fun, a way to spend time, diversify your leisure and even an opportunity to make a living, so it's no wonder that various gastronomic TV shows, master classes in cooking and recipe books are so popular. Especially it is worth highlighting the master classes - any professional chef safely assures you that no books gave him as much experience as interaction with other experts in this field. I'm glad to offer professional cooking classes in the city of St. Petersburg - to order such a master class, you can contact me in any convenient way:
• E-mal:
• Mobile: +7 (906) 225-65-97.
There are a lot of options for master classes in cooking: just a small part of them:
1. A master class as a birthday present;
2. Culinary master class for advanced training;
3. Training as an event for team building;
4. A master class on cooking as an element of the festive program;
5. Studying new techniques and techniques for people far from professional cooking, but wanting to develop their skills;
6. And so on.
What should I do to organize a master class on cooking?
First of all you will need to contact me on the above contacts. We will discuss what your goals are and what exactly you would like to learn during the training, and then we will think through and approve the final plan of the classes. Then you can choose the dates that suit you, as well as make an advance payment of 10 percent of the total cost. Also, there are possible options - for example, you can get a certificate for a master class on cooking, and then hand it to a close person, keen on cooking. That's all - then I'll take all the worries about preparing for myself, you'll just have to enjoy the event and absorb the experience that I will happily share with you.
The cost of a master class can depend on many factors. A standard master class on molecular cuisine can consist of one eight-hour stage or two for 4 hours - in this case the cost will be 30,000 rubles.
In St. Petersburg, the master class on molecular cuisine remains one of the most unusual and useful ways to spend time. Under the strict guidance of an experienced chef, you can learn to cook absolutely incredible, mind-blowing dishes, recipes of which can not be found on the pages of web portals. Each of the participants will be able to get the most valuable advice and recommendations that will help to avoid technical mistakes and make the taste of dishes really unique. Next, you will only need to hone your skills, and in time you can easily prepare restaurant-quality treats at home. And the friendly atmosphere, which usually reigns in the master classes in cooking, will help you relax, feel comfortable and fully discover your potential in the art of cooking. And even if you do not apply the acquired skills in your professional activities, you will always have warm and incredibly rich memories of this event.
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