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Master class in molecular kitchen

The art of cooking is developing more and more rapidly, which means that cooks and masters of this business get much more freedom for creativity. And the modern philistine is no longer surprised by the intricate main course, the perfectly prepared dessert, the exotic appetizer, the explosive combination of textures and tastes - you can not turn away with one bread, serve shows, but be more interesting! So, probably, molecular cuisine appeared - a terrific duet between an impressive array of gastronomic knowledge and the cold precision of modern science. So if you treat yourself to those who are crazy about cooking, but think that there is not much you can already surprise - a master class in molecular cuisine will suit you like nothing else.
We offer conducting master classes in molecular cuisine at an affordable price in the city of St. Petersburg. You can order a master class from a real professional in the field of molecular cuisine of Roman Trusov for any reason - if you want to improve your skills, hold events for colleagues or relatives, or simply taste your time and fill up the baggage of impressive memories. Together we can think over an individual, unique program, taking into account all your ideas and wishes - for example, if you order a master class in order to learn molecular cuisine, we will be able to consider exactly those issues that are of particular interest to you. Together with our support to organize such a master class is much easier than it seems:
1. First you contact us, and we begin to discuss and approve the plan of classes. A master class on molecular cuisine can be divided into two stages (4 hours each) or held in one day (only 8 hours). The cost of such a master class is 30,000 rubles;
2. Further, when all issues have been discussed, a prepayment of 10 percent should be made;
3. After that you can book suitable dates for you;
4. We hold a master class.
For detailed information, we recommend contacting the following contacts:
• E-mal:
• Mobile: +7 (906) 225-65-97
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The increased interest in molecular cuisine in recent years is by no means accidental. First and foremost, it is actually amazing - the molecular cuisine itself presupposes studying the chemical and physical processes that occur during cooking. And when you understand how it works in fact - you can use this knowledge as you like - even for the sake of preserving the useful properties of the products used, even for creating a mind-blowing show. Actually, both those, and so do the inventors of the dishes of molecular cuisine - try to make them amazing (sometimes it actually looks like a real miracle) and at the same time even more useful than in their classic guise. And all the charm of the master classes in molecular cuisine is that you do not have to go through all that thorny and dangerous path that your sensei went through - you will be given a ready formula that will make everything right and without terrifying losses. In addition, a master class in molecular cuisine is an entertainment more abruptly than any horror quest rooms, paintball clubs and even more banal gatherings in a bar - where else you can communicate and spend time with a real magician-alchemist of modern times, and also learn from him some of the skills that you can then yourself and impress your loved ones? For the same simple reason, the master class on molecular cuisine is an ideal proposition for people who have kids. Just remember what a delight they experienced when they first showed how sizzling, if you drop lemon juice or vinegar on it - and now imagine what fairy tale they will be in when a light meringue soars over a plate, the sweet juice turns into spaghetti, and red caviar will be made from strawberry. Well, if you order a master class on molecular cuisine in order to raise your own level - we can say that this is a very reasonable decision. At the moment, this direction is not very developed in Russia, which means that you can be among the discoverers and gain an invaluable skill that will open up new horizons for you.
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