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Master-class on bread baking

Probably everyone has warm childhood memories, filled with the unique smell of freshly baked bread - first the mother kneads the dough in a large cup, then we wonder how it grew up in a warm place and began to resemble a fluffy cloud, and now, with bated breath, we see how brown it is an appetizing crust ... And, of course, the culmination of this amazing process is the tasting of such a simple, but such an amazing dish.
Each house had its secrets of cooking an ideal loaf or loaf, sometimes these secrets were passed on from generation to generation. But now the bakery culture is gradually declining, giving way to industrial production - not every owner can afford to set aside a couple of hours when life goes on in a frenzied rhythm and once even sit and exhale. A master class on bread baking with a professional chef is a way to spend an excellent few hours, remember the forgotten, gain new knowledge and skills and even improve your skills.
People can participate in the master class with any level of preparation, the goals can also be very different. I offer a specialized master class on bread baking, you can order such an event by contacting any of the contacts listed below:
• E-mail:
• Mobile: +7 (906) 225-65-97
As in the case of the master classes in molecular cuisine, the preparation here involves only a few simple steps:
1. To begin with, you just need to contact me and express my desire to visit my master class on baking bread;
2. We will discuss the plan of classes and confirm it;
3. Further you will need to make advance payment for the master class;
4. We reserve the dates that suit you;
5. The final stage is the holding of the master class for bread baking.
You can order a master class with a professional chef:
• For yourself - to acquire the skill, to learn something new, to advance in the art of cooking;
• For a family or a group of friends - to unusually spend a day off, as a non-trivial and memorable entertainment;
• For your team or subordinates - as a teambuilding event or an alternative to podnadoevshim corporate parties;
• For employees of your bakery or confectionery - first, important figures in your business will gain bread-baking skills; secondly, they will feel that you appreciate them and are ready to invest in their development, which will charge the team and everyone in particular with an impressive portion of motivation .
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