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Mauro Kolagreko: chef, restaurateur and gardener

"You know how important it is to collect carrots in the morning to feed her for lunch.
It is alive, the taste and its texture is delicious. "
Mauro Colagreco
Argentine in France The secret of success
Mauro, who moved to France in his youth, received the first Michelin star in its first year of operation of the restaurant. Accident or hard work? Certainly helped diligence, diligence and Argentine temperament. Played a role and features of the restaurant.
In his «Mirazur» menu change occurs every two months. Some dishes can be enjoyed only a week, and then disappear as the light-winged moths. Appearing under the inspiration of the master Kolagreko the menu, dishes, or go completely transformed into new ones.
The restaurant feeding bread to it attached the text of the poem by Pablo Neruda's "Bread", which talks about how important a table aroma of bread. Maruo bakes bread recipe for his Italian grandmother, to which he traveled as a child for the holidays. My grandmother always put his luxury bread in center of the table, and all the holidays smelled baking.
Career question
Born in the Argentine town of La Plata, Mauro with youth actively traveled around Latin America. When he moved to the home of the Eiffel Tower, Kolagreko fortunate to work with talented chefs Alain Ducasse, Alain Passard and Bernard Loiseau in their well-known institutions.
His first internship was in France at the Loiseau, with whom he worked until 2003 (before the great Bernard's death). His next abode was the «Arpege» Alain Passard. After Kolagrekl perfected his skills in «Hotel Plaza Athenee» Alain Ducasse. A year Mauro served in the «Grand Vefour».
And, finally, it was the chief's own Kolagreko «Mirazur» in 2006. There is a famous restaurant in the town of Menton (almost next to the French border). Restaurant opened in the 1930s, the building has a magnificent panoramic view of the sea (Mediterranean).
Kitchen and Garden
Private garden of the restaurant, from where guests are offered food (vegetables, herbs, fruit) became «Mirazur» symbol. It offers an original chef treats a set of several dishes. For example, the ravioli with tartar, foie gras, truffles, cheese Munster and crystallin.
Interestingly, in the menu Kolagreko no names of dishes, and the menu itself is constantly subject to change. But one of the iconic dishes - a "squid sauce" Banja much. " Squid caught by fishermen close, cook cut up in a special way (cuts like spaghetti) and served with a delicious sauce. By squid served very tender artichokes are eaten raw. One more interesting and favorite dishes of "Turbot with foam of sweet potato", which served as a mushroom fricassee.
• Two Star received from Michelin (in 2006 and 2012)
• The title of "Discovery of the Year" from the guide «Gault Millau»
• «Mirazur» entered the list of the world's best restaurants (v2009 year)
• The title "Chef of the Year" by «Gault & Millau restauran» (he was the first chef not a Frenchman, who was awarded this title)
• «Mirazur» took 4 awards at the «Gault & Millau» (2010)
master Philosophy
Mauro Kolagreko believes that all herbal products need to grow. He is infinitely appreciate your garden, which allows him to collect vegetables for his dishes in the best time. He does not want to buy them in the market or in the shop. Prepare only of those that grew in his garden. Specially brought from Peru 15 varieties of corn and 12 kinds of potatoes, which are now growing in his garden.
The most delicious and favorite foods for Mauro - a tomato, mountain thyme, mushrooms, fish and olive oil. Using these components, you can cook the perfect dish.
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