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Menu child in 1 year: draw up a detailed diet

Approaching the issue of power, each of us remembers that balance, moderation and naturalness - these are the main conditions for the correct menu. For children's diet these rules, of course, are also working, but sometimes young parents do not have enough sample, sort of a benchmark on which to base a menu for your child.
In the previous article we dealt with the power of the child from 4 to 6 months, and there's talk about a child menu at 1 year.
The diet of the child in 1 year
After six months of life the child increases energy costs, and thus a variety of baby products consumed increases. By 12-18 months, the daily amount of food reaches 1300 ml, but the consistency depends on whether there were a child chewing teeth.
At this age, the menu should be the basis for dairy products, foods rich in protein, fruits and vegetables. In drawing up the diet for a child per year is taken into account:
• natural and quality products;
• Balance;
• Personal taste preferences of the baby.
Menu for a child 1 year
I offer you a rough menu for your child at the age of one year. You can combine the various options, or add your own.
Breakfast options:
1. Milk porridge with noodles, eggs, bread;
2. Oatmeal, tea with milk, cheese sandwich;
3. Fruit pudding, tea with honey, bread;
4. liver pate poultry, tea, cookies.
Entree breakfast (porridge, pudding, pie) - 150-200 gr.
Diversify breakfast can be any cereals with a little butter and fruit, boiled eggs, fruit and juices.
Dining options:
1. Cream soup with broccoli, salad with mashed potatoes, apple juice and bread;
2. Cabbage soup, meatloaf with mashed potatoes, tomato juice, white bread;
3. Chicken soup, burgers, poultry, vegetable puree (carrots, zucchini), rye bread;
4. Cheese soup, stuffed cabbage, zucchini fritters, pudding.
Soup and garnish are 100 grams, meat dish - 50g bread - 20-30 gr.
If you make a menu for the week of the child yourself, then dinner may consist of these dishes:
• Fresh salads. Cucumbers, carrots, beets, rubbed, and then dressed with sour cream or vegetable oil;
• Vegetable salads thermally processed products;
• Soups. Milk, vegetables, soups, meat or fish;
• Purée + meat dish. By one year of a child normally it takes almost all vegetables, but better to choose lean meats (poultry, rabbit, liver);
• Drinks that are rich in vitamins - various juices, jellies, fruit drinks and fruit drinks. It is advisable to drink (as well as all the other dishes) were homemade - try to avoid store semis.
Options Snack:
1. applesauce, yogurt and biscuits;
2. Milk, Bun with raisins and fruit;
3. milk and a slice of cake with fruit, cheese or cottage cheese;
4. Yogurt, cookies and fruit.
Options for dinner:
1. Cottage cheese, beetroot, apple sauce, bread;
2. Cottage cheese with milk, mashed potatoes, bread and jelly;
3. Milk porridge, scrambled eggs, bread and milk;
4. Apples baked with nuts and dried fruits, tea with milk.
The total weight of the baby dinner in one year should be 180-200 grams (without liquid). Before going to bed, you can offer a child dairy drink - such as yogurt.
It is not necessary to give your child between the ages of chocolate and confectionery products (cakes, pies). So far better to stay in the natural treats - candy or jam are ideal.
Do not forget to share your own secrets, recipes and detailed menu for children in the comments.
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