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Proper restaurant menu - what is it? Development of a mock menu

By itself, the restaurant - movement difficult, and coordinated work depends on the right combination and functioning of all components, one of which is the menu. Restaurant menu - it's not just a way to convey to the visitor information that provides your institution. It is a powerful tool for marketing and promotion that you can demonstrate that represents your restaurant. In the end, this is one way of communicating with visitors, so the importance of this element is difficult to overestimate. Imagine that you have decided to relax in the restaurant, which is famous for its exquisite cuisine, deep atmosphere and quality service. Well you met a nice soft music playing, you bring the menu. Here is where the fun happens. Now you see the normal sheets of paper stacked randomly in a nondescript folder, text, prices, and thumbed edges. Of course, I'm exaggerating, but you would have stayed in such a place? Personally, I would have stopped only by the fact that it is the only restaurant in the desolate wasteland, and I mortally hungry. And now try to evaluate the menu of your restaurant. Whether it is capable to attract visitor and to fully tell him about what you have to offer? If not, then I am willing to share with you some of the secrets and techniques that are based on my personal experience in development of layouts menu. In drawing up the menu to remember about the fact that it is almost the only method of advertising, which are subject to your direct influence. The menu should be made of high quality materials to meet the level of your establishment and price category, because as we can see from the example above, all the efforts to create the image of the restaurant will be in vain if this item will not respond to the demands. The paper should be nice and pleasant to the touch, with regard to the quality of the menu - it should contain the correct position and the prices and descriptions should be clear to any visitor, the presence of meaning and spelling errors is unacceptable. If this is not possible, then it is important to describe the dishes were clear to the waiter - according to them it will be able to give the correct advice to guests. Perhaps we should remind that the accuracy, neatness, and timeliness of the information - one of the basic requirements for the menu. If the menu is designed for establishments such as coffee shops, very desirable to have a better, brighter images - this will facilitate the choice of dessert and a guest will make it consciously. What should be included in the menu? Usually, the menu includes the items which you want to offer visitors. More often than not adhere to such a structure the menu located on the first page content, corporate logo or welcoming, more dishes are placed in the order of the meal. Dishes of one group are on the same page or spread for easier selection. Size of the menu should be directly proportional to the size of the institution, but do not overload it superfluous information. If your menu, too many dishes, think about what you can eliminate from there. Tired man comes to you not only to satisfy his hunger and thirst, but first of all - relax, relax mentally and physically. A three-dimensional menu with hundreds of proposals could put unnecessary stress and visitor information overload, so try to avoid when designing the menu this error. Take into account the fact that you the manipulation of attention of the guests from the menu. To do this in the first place positions those dishes that are profitable to sell the restaurant, the dishes have a high markup, special offers and new items. Do not forget to pay attention to guest on certain dishes with special symbols - for example, "bestseller", "from the chef", "vegetarian", as well as recommendations of alcohol, food and drinks. But then again, such a direction is not suitable to all institutions. In the menu you need to add photos and dishes, but there are certain rules. Photos of the menu must be of high quality ingredients - these, and the real serving and serve meals should match the image. Fatal error - the photographs depict double rations, because it will cause the opposite effect and will disappoint the visitor. But do not try to equip each menu item image - much better to add a few mouthwatering closeup than a hundred little on which dishes are barely distinguishable. Font is also not necessary to do a bit too small and "beautiful" - any visitor should effortlessly get acquainted with the name of the dish and the information on it, so the best solution is to give preference to a simple and concise font enough for comfortable reading size. Importantly, it looks like your menu outside. Now it is not in vogue volume leather folder from which emanates the Soviet past. Particularly inappropriate similar menu in cafes and bars, for such institutions preferred lightness and small volume. Remember that people love creativity and risk, so do not be afraid to experiment. One well-designed menu is able to increase sales up to 10%, increase the popularity of both institutions, and the brand in general, but without the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to convey the appeal of dishes and make the menu clear and easy is not always easy. Therefore, in such a situation, the wisest decision would be to turn to a professional. Serious attitude to this difficult but interesting problem, as the development of the layout menu, will directly determine the success of your institution. If you need the right, attractive and effective layout of the menu, I'm willing to work it out for you. Just contact me - and bright, spectacular menu that your guests will love, you will be provided.
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