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Uric acid

How well do you know what is uric acid, how it affects the body and the dangerous increase of its level in the blood? Is there a specific diet has a positive effect on the reduction of this level? Let's try to sort out the details.
Acid, but not the same?
Many people think that this kind of acid, which is found exclusively in the urine. Do not believe that it can get to other organs and cause danger. Dispel the illusion. Uric acid is a result of the process of protein metabolism in the body. The conclusion of its surplus produced by the kidneys. Most worryingly, the excess acid penetrate into the liver, joints, heart, brain and other organs, and there are late.
How uric acid in the blood?
It is present in blood plasma, the substance is converted to a sodium salt and in this form is deposited. As soon as the increased amount of sodium begins to increase their concentration and uric acid in the blood. It is dangerous to health.
Uric acid is the norm in the body
What is the concentration of uric acid is considered to be optimal? Safe amount of acid in our body medicine defines as follows:
• 150 -350 mmol / liter in women
• 210 -420 mmol / liter in men
• 120 -130 mmol / liter in children under the age of 14 years
In case of excess of these figures is a risk that the urate crystals (salts) accumulate in tissues. If easier to explain, by increasing the levels of uric acid, a solid salt precipitate is formed, which is deposited in various parts of our body. It is this salt and undermines health.
Why is increased uric acid?
The reason that the body's uric acid increased, quite a lot.
The impetus for the increase may serve as a certain and rather dangerous diseases:
• Leukemia
• pneumonia or tuberculosis
• Diseases of the biliary tract
• Psoriasis, eczema or hives
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