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Molecular Cuisine - an innovative method of cooking

It completely changes all the usual standards in food preparation. By molecular gastronomy can be treated as a real art. Combining physics, chemistry and biology, it is able to perform miracles. Traditional dishes are broken down into individual components, changing the shape, taste and even color, acquire new textures.
Many people who see this transformation usual food, it is shocking and surprising.
Such miracles are achieved by experimenting with borrowing knowledge of laboratory science and food ingredients.
For chefs, molecular cuisine photo, it is not nothing but a way to expand our understanding of the cooking itself, using an experimental approach. This is the approach embodied in the life of a wide variety of innovative dishes. They have not only an attractive visual appearance, but also have sverhvkusovye quality, while retaining all their useful properties.
Innovative cooking affects all organs of the human senses (touch, taste, sight and smell). This is the secret of its popularity.
Restaurants where you can witness the "space" and "enchanting" food not so much. They are located in Italy, France, California, Spain and Moscow. This is not the prevalence of this "magic" cooking due to the fact that it is still too avant-garde for the perception of a standardized restaurant business. But, despite this, the restaurant critics are predicting it will soon widespread popularity and relevance.
In restaurants, where the practice of molecular cuisine photo, celebrity chef can offer its visitors a truly provocative dishes, which at first glance looks like a standard, but try them, you can be surprised incredibly unusual taste.
Molecular cuisine is full of surprises, it is not ordinary and immediate. Thanks to it you can make stunning dishes that look like ice outside, but warm inside, to convert the liquid into gel or mousse, and using an inert gas to obtain a foam.
It also provides answers to all the questions about how you can save all the useful properties and vitamins in the preparation of various dishes.
Molecular Cuisine - a real breakthrough century, it lay on her big plans for many famous chefs around the world.
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