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Molecular Cuisine in St. Petersburg

Modern cooking, can surprise and even shock, thanks to the latest technologies and approaches to cooking. This includes and molecular kitchen in St. Petersburg, which has recently reached the incredible popularity among gourmets. It draws its unusual and outrageous. At first glance, it may seem like something unreal and even fantastic, but in fact, knowing the laws of chemistry and physics, the whole process of cooking, just to explain. To achieve amazing shapes, taste and colors used ultra-low and extremely high temperatures, for example the use of shock-frozen using liquid nitrogen. The use of stabilizers, thickeners - all this long ago invented "Eshki." In fact, chemical processes occur in normal cooking, even when frying eggs elementary. Molecular gastronomy just complicates and developing these processes.
Molecular Cuisine in St. Petersburg represented by such famous restaurants as "Old Customs House», «Grand Cru», «Wood». It was here, every visitor can feel the true pleasure of prepared dishes in various techniques. This duck decorated with fragrant foam mushroom aroma or mashed potatoes brought to musoobraznogo state.
For creativity in the design of dishes using such techniques as:
• Spherification
• Emulsification
• Gelation
• Sguschivanie
Master the techniques of data alone is not difficult. This requires special education and have practical skills. Most chefs are still not ready to practice in this area because of the many nuances and primarily lack of purpose. Many things can be found just sit on the internet.
Nothing is impossible. Molecular Cuisine in St. Petersburg is available for training. In order to see it in practice, and see with your own eyes the whole magical process of making a particular dish, you can visit my master - class. And for those people who would be interested to learn all the techniques of a professional, I spend training. The course consists of the study of the different techniques of processing products, all kinds of additives, the necessary equipment and tools for the creation of molecular processes. After passing the training course on molecular cuisine, you will be able to increase their value to the employer, because the molecular cuisine in St. Petersburg - it's a new trend culinary fashion. And everything is new, unknown and shocking - attracts people like a magnet.
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