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Molecular cuisine.

Molecular cuisine , it - molecular gastronomy , appeared in 1992 , with the filing of a chemist Hervé Tisza and physics Nicholas Kurti . These scientists have come to see cooking as a subject worthy of serious laboratory research. And, not in the sense of "fresh - not fresh ", " natural - unnatural ." It was much deeper. The naturalists were convinced : the processes , for example, in preparing souffle, people have been less studied than the characteristics of the atmosphere of Venus . For example, one of the first reports on molecular cuisine , called " fractal structure baba ." Regular workshops on " Physics, chemistry and food " given their results . Their listeners began to put into practice the theories learned that from teachers . And the culinary arts enriched by a new , very exotic , destination.Since the beginning of the XXI century chef molecular cuisine began to gain the top position of restaurant rating. A visit marked the tabloids space has become fashionable and even necessary. But what does it offer to customers ?A bit of everything . And - it is not clearIn fact , such a cooking - show for the jaded . Change of food in restaurants molecular cuisine can be up to 30 sets. Moreover , the food and drinks will hide their true nature in crystals , gels , foams , and other atypical forms. The portions are minimal, sometimes - not more than a teaspoon. A visitor can not understand what he's going to eat until you try outlandish dish.And how , indeed, to guess the "before" that ice cream - herring ? Or what to look completely raw piece of salmon in fact perfectly frizzled , foam, similar to the one that stays on the bottom of the glass with drunk natural juice - nothing like meat ... By the way , this foam - one of the trademarks of molecular cuisine . It's called Espuma , and make it possible out of anything , we just have to know how .Weight sensations in psychology interpreted as "cognitive dissonance " - that is , the reality does not meet expectations dramatically , leading to subsequent emotional meltdown - that is what must be willing to restaurant patrons molecular cuisine .The names of the heroesAs elsewhere in this direction cooking has its "stars". Among them - Heston Blumenthal , chef of England, whose restaurant " Fat Duck " has two honorary Michelin star. His main rival - Catalan Ferran Adria , chef Spanish restaurant elBulli. In 2006, these people , united with his colleague , American Thomas Keller , unveiled the manifesto " The new kitchen ." There they were protesting against the epithet "molecular " applied to their method of cooking and argued that mankind are beaten paths , just make it a whole new level . However , the manifesto few people noticed , and because of the broad masses , innovative cuisine has retained its original name .Centrifuge transglyukoza ... so simple !Not so long ago, Heston Blumenthal published a book where he gives advice on preparing creative dishes at home. Although the stock up some equipment still have . For example, molecular cuisine is impossible without sensors - temperature gauges . " You need to know how truly warmed up your oven , not the temperature that you set on the relay " - teaches Blumenthal . Oh, and stuff like that . In molecular cuisine is also another name , less appetizing : destructive . If in the process of preparing to destroy the molecular bonds of matter , there will be new and unusual . From this texture change , and sometimes - and taste of a product to be treated . What is needed for these tricks ? For example , liquid nitrogen, oxygen transglyukoza - "meat glue" dry ice. And yet , it is advisable to get a rotary evaporator - it allows you to collect a fragrant essence. An important tool - the centrifuge , separating the product by centrifugal force into components. Special signs of molecular cuisine and is working in a vacuum package , so -called technology sous-vide.Fast it can not be called : the products in vacuum packs for nearly three days languishing in a water bath . The temperature of the water does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. They say it is - the perfect way to prepare foie gras , meat and vegetables - all is very juicy, flavorful and tender. Now even produce special water baths , equipped with thermostats. And before to innovative chefs had to borrow such devices from research laboratories.For those who like precision, may have a scientific approach to taste. Well, the people whose trump card - the unerring intuition , love the pristine view of products and understanding of something that distinguishes them from ordinary cooks, all these scientific terms and the exact observance of the rules may seem like a waste of time.And in this case, we can only conclude that there is no accounting for tastes ... but classic - it is eternal !
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