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Start your day by checking refrigerators. Golden Rules chef

The order of the kitchen of the restaurant - the theme trite and at the same time the patient. Everyone is trying to shift responsibility to another, and eventually the situation turns into a pigsty shaped. It's clear that this situation is unacceptable, and monitor the cleanliness in the kitchen cafe or restaurant must exactly are you, Chief. I do not insist - you want to disgrace and ruin your reputation, before blushing disgruntled guest - please ignore all the resulting mess. You do not want to put up with this? Then, just for you - the first rule.
He came to work - check refrigerators. Smell and taste all the blanks. Get organized and clean.
•, you need to start from the very beginning of the struggle to emerge victorious from this battle. Get used to the morning ritual of checking refrigerators - they must be clean (and not only inside);
• In addition to the purity of refrigerators also have to observe the freshness and quality of the workpieces. Smell, to examine, try - do everything in your power, the main thing - to avoid the use of poor-quality product;
• All blanks and semi-finished products must be signed, have the date of manufacture and shelf life, and packed with the help of a vacuum vessel. Vague and container bags, known as resting on the bottom of the freezer, zavetrevshiesya, shrunken, peremorozhennye products are not allowed!
• to check how things are going in the refrigerator, and I realized that everything is very bad? So, I am responsible for all this chef deserves punishment. From my own experience I can say that it is better to move on to take decisive action, and do not lisp, severely frowning and saying, "Oh, what a bad cook!", Poking the offending attractive face in his herd as cat shit. Recommend punish assholes inveterate recidivist fines previously explained, what is the mistake;
• It is important that the offender did not take offense, and fully realized what his mistake and how to correct it. Sometimes it is necessary to explain that the pig in the barn, not in the kitchen;
• Savings with fines money can be spent on the promotion of the most diligent employees. The main thing - handing out fines and fees, to be fair and impartial, otherwise the team did not deserve respect.
Using these simple recommendations, you will be able to establish perfect system for the maintenance of cleanliness and order in the kitchen of the restaurant or cafe, which will work on itself. Vaccination against violations in the form of fines rarely misfires, and employees will feel the burden of responsibility for the cleanliness and order in refrigerators.
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