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Do not disdain to go to the gym and personally get to know the guests their opinion

This tradition is very typical for European restaurants and not very high level, but in domestic institutions is probably extremely rare. What are the advantages gains chef practicing such activities, and what benefits it can bring the restaurant?
1. First and foremost, of course, should take into account the fact that the output of the chef in the room to the guests can be a kind of chip places. If you like this in your city uncommon, then rest assured - you speak of;
2. Both the chef will be left without attention - exposures in the room contribute to "promotion" of the individual, and this is an additional way to popularize the restaurant, a kind of "living advertisement";
3. If the boss is present in the hall, it underlines the status of the institution, its exclusivity and prestige, as well as the professionalism of the staff;
4. People love with the attention to his own person, so will be doubly pleased with the evening spent in this place, if their personal opinion was interested chief himself. Guests enjoy when their wishes and comments heard. It is important that expectations were justified, and the views taken into account;
5. In addition, private access to the room to avoid conflicts, unpleasant experiences or misunderstandings;
6. guest one might wish to return to you again, to re-experience the warm welcome.
Especially useful in the practice room outputs when there is a lot of repeat visitors. If the restaurant recently opened, this method will help to quickly acquire them. In addition, guests will not help the image of chief associate themselves with a restaurant, and such associations only contribute to the development of the institution. Judge for yourself - much nicer to go back to where the trains once fascinated by your boss to you than a faceless man function.
The very process of exit into the hall will not require a Herculean effort, but are mandatory:
• Clean, neat form;
• Neat appearance;
• Friendliness and location to guests;
The combination of all these attributes will allow to make a lasting impression on every visitor, and the effect will not take long.
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