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Do not let them teach anyone, even an investor

Man, radiating confidence, not only gives you immediately understand that he knows exactly what to do - these people tend to light all around and push them to feats of labor. This is perhaps one of the main features of the leader, and the chef absence of such a skill can be fatal. Lack of leadership skills can lead to the fact that you will teach all and sundry, and first of all it will be engaged investors. Fortunately, this can be combated, and I will share with you a couple of secrets and subtleties.
If an investor teaches you to work, or you do not work with the employer, or not explained to him their position initially.
If an investor begins to teach you, and talk about how you have to work and make decisions - it is uniquely bad. There are several reasons:
• These advisers usually frisky and active only at that stage, while everything is going well. But it is worth their clever statements lead to the first failure - their enthusiasm evaporates, and the guilty are left still you;
• involuntarily slips thought - if they are well versed in those matters for which they hired you, then what you needed them to do?
• Should your subordinates uglyadet that an investor in anything you do not make, and you can be sure - they will behave the same way, and will continue to do so as long as you are not sharply presechesh such behavior;
• And, of course, all this is simply annoying, self-esteem and has become another reason for unnecessary stress, which the kitchen is already over the edge.
Because of what did such a situation occur?
1. Perhaps you just got terribly tactless or worry about their job investor: here the problem is solved or the discussion of the situation, or if the previous method does not work, dismissal;
2. If a hen investors have turned to the system and your little curse, it is possible that you yourself initially incorrectly pozitsioniruesh. Here you have to work on themselves, originally set out its position clearly and in violation of the boundaries gently but firmly voiced the necessary conditions;
3. There is a third option - maybe you're still weak, as the boss, and you are too early to take on such responsibility, and investors see that with you their business is on the bottom - so try to give advice and adjust your actions. In this case, also have to work on leadership abilities and all the qualities that are necessary for the boss, but also to gain experience.
Let the investor to understand that the kitchen - it's your area of ​​responsibility, and that you know exactly what you're doing, and for their decisions is ready to respond to the fullest extent - and you get rid of another problem.
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