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Do not let a guest dissatisfied

Not me to tell you why people come to restaurants. The time when these institutions were a place to satisfy hunger, long gone - the restaurant is a guest of the bright impressions of treats for the pleasure of aesthetic contemplation and interior decoration of dishes, and, of course, for enjoying the atmosphere, taste and quality. If any of these items (or any other, that guest can expect, based on the concept of institution) is not satisfied, the backlash would be valid.
In your institution (if you count on his prosperity) any negativity should not be, therefore, you have to hack to death on your nose the following rule:
Never let go not satisfied guests. Find out what's going on. Sometimes everything can be settled intercourse, sometimes compliments and desserts will help lift your mood.
In the words, of course, all sounds quite simple and straightforward, but the implementation of that rule requires nehily communication skills and charisma. I will share some tips that will allow you to leave a good impression of the restaurant, even if originally the guest was not completely satisfied:
1. In no case do not hesitate to recognize the guest opinion - take an interest, what exactly caused discontent;
2. Do not justify the current situation the problems of the restaurant - a guest should not worry about the level of congestion, unreliable suppliers or Krivorukov novice;
3. Be prepared for criticism and learn to respond to it adequately;
4. Your task - communication to neutralize the unpleasant impression. A short conversation - and a guest you will not soulless machine, but a person - a symbolic "convergence" in most cases, becomes the reason why guests return to the restaurant;
5. If simple communication does not work, try to cheer up the guest compliment dessert or - more often it pays off handsomely. Guest will leave satisfied and may join the ranks of patrons.
Over time, the elimination of such situations will be given to you much easier, and eventually does come to automatism. This method has a positive effect on the reputation of a restaurant and of the chief, to avoid negative reviews and increases customer loyalty. In general, the advantages of this are clear rules, so take it on board and do not loiter in order to begin to apply it in practice.
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