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Do not neglect the importance of moyschitsy

Of course, washing dishes - a process that does not require a complex intellectual activity, creativity and other qualities that are indispensable to the more complex, meaningful and well-paid positions. However, assume that the washer or moyschitsa not so important for a common cause and their selection can be approached, carelessly, would be a big mistake. I recommend to take into account the following rules if you want the whole team in your restaurant functioned as a clock, without interruption and overlap.
Moyschitsa a member of the team, without which the ship may sink.
Moyschits Work hard and ungrateful, because the motivation for such a position not very a lot. One may philosophize on the subject, but I believe that any work is worthy of respect. You, as the boss, should know that this position is extremely problematic, and the wrong approach can deliver a lot of trouble.
Modest payment - is the lack of motivation triggered the human factor and minimum liability. If, for example, the chief or one of the cooks will come without warning on change - it can put bold cross on his future career, well, or at least it has a negative impact on pay and respect. But vacancies moyschits full, because there is nothing to stop the worker from absenteeism due to, for example, weekly alcohol travel - because after it she would not have to touch painfully options attend an interview and perform tests. Suffice it to call a couple of ads, or even go to several nearby restaurants or cafes (no doubt, there are also problems with moyschitsami) - and she was back in the ranks.
Even if you find a reliable person, which will be sure to a hundred per cent - on this control ends. Next in line negative factor can become lazy. And it is, believe, or inept prokrastiniruyuschaya moyschitsa - plus not all business - a consequence of such an attitude becomes dirty dishes, dirty kitchen, a low rate of return of food and dissatisfied guests. Also, for the best effect it is recommended to take on the job of two moyschits - one kitchen worker engaged in knitting kitchenware, other focuses on dishes from the kitchen, while in the case of unpleasant situations (the same absenteeism replacing) a second washer can take full responsibility.
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