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Relationship with accounts deteriorated, shortage in the kitchen increases.

This is a real story about a conspiracy accounting with the purchasing department. Theft in the restaurant can be not only in the kitchen or in the room. Everything can be much easier and more dangerous. It is enough to change a few numbers in the system, and now tens of thousands do not reach to the honestly earned salary cook and chef. Once I had a contract in a good restaurant when I started my career, everything was relatively normal in terms of shortage in the kitchen. In the future, as the understanding and attempts to control the numbers in the restaurant business automation system of relations with the accountant began to deteriorate, and the shortage of products to increase with each passing month exponentially. I want to note that the beginning of the contract is always a difficult period. Cook with the arrival of new boss began to disperse, and it can be understood, because they worked for the minimum rate, with their interests, while there was chaos. At that time, the automation program of the restaurant was R-Keeper, and full access to the chief did not give, arguing that the figures can be podkrucheny when removing residues. In general, this should not be that of the chief saw to remove residues and the verdict, I'm told. It turns out, the boss has to work in the blind, and wait for what the figure will be presented by this time, and why this story turned out. At the end of the month to understand the reasons is extremely difficult, therefore, should be to prevent such situations, as they say, in the course of the play. After floating surprises in the form of shortages in the kitchen had in parallel with the organization and training of chefs lead duplicated restaurant automation control. The result showed again hammered Invoice, "accidentally forgotten" written off consumables overhead, strange figures in the collation statements.
Council chef, how to avoid shortage in the kitchen
The first thing to do in a situation like this - clearly the remains of control. To do this, you need to be able to control the automation system. Copy credit and debit invoices. Conduct additional accounting system, it is desirable that it was no unnecessary frills, simple and clear, for example, like this:
To achieve a safety net to put on a surveillance camera kitchen. No personal belongings of staff in the kitchen, for this is the changing room.
Additional control of residues in the shops, if the restaurant is large and has a division of labor.
These are the basic tips that will obstruct the appearance of shortages in the kitchen.
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