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GRINDER new dish on the menu as long as necessary

Chef Work can easily compare the process of creating a work of art, because the chef creates something that is able to induce in a person a storm of emotions. Good, high-quality dish-employed usually affects almost every guest feeling - the visitor can enjoy the design prepared, experience the fun of the chosen colors, take a deep breath and feel the fragrance of the moment the bliss of taste and texture. Naturally, all this is achieved by careful consideration - when creating new dishes boss usually have to take into account a number of factors, because the food must be manufacturable, cost effective for places, beautiful and delicious. It does not dispense with the following rules:
Study of the new menu a creative process, work through each dish, as long as it is not polished.
Study of the new menu does not tolerate haste and irresponsible attitude. If you are not an ordinary student cafeteria worker, and the boss of a serious restaurant, you need to understand that the trivial, combined with the wrong approach here is not a ride - any relief would seriously affect both your reputation and the fate of the entire institution. You want to name your restaurant and your name is uttered, at least, with a gasp and awe, right? Then you should understand what is behind the study of new dishes for the menu.
Of course, it all starts with the correct attitude and moral training - make sure that your mood is all right, inspired on the spot, and the thoughts and ideas gathered in a heap. Remember that each dish is created to be very special to you, otherwise you risk to become not a "thus" and "one." In other words, if you're very dull and depressing created you from food, then you are moving in the wrong direction. Even the classics should be a highlight, and the idea of ​​their chips (and they still have to fit into the standard requirements to dishes) - the only way you can create a really catchy, unique menu.
Among other things, you need to be aware that the dish is not created in one day - I usually prefer to believe the old Russian proverb, "Sleep on it." Today I created it seems to me a real culinary masterpiece, and tomorrow I find it a whole heap of bugs, penalize and start all anew. Fresh mind lets look at the fruit of their own inspiration from a different angle, and in this case is very important objectivity and impartiality, which is very difficult to achieve in those moments when you just finished creating. And in any case, do not let the investor to adjust itself - after all, you are a pro in matters of menu development.
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