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Always progressive, interested in new chips and technologies, to communicate in the International Alliance Povarskoy

Each chef has ever faced in its work with the tasks for which performance was required to acquire new knowledge, learn something new. The culinary world is not standing still, there are novelties. A good boss must always be aware of new gastronomic brands. In order to grow and improve as a professional, you need to learn new things all the time. Communication with colleagues is also an important part of self-improvement. Want to become a consummate master, communicate with artists, learn from them, make friends with them. My next rule is this: Always progressive, interested in new chips and technologies, at the International Chat Povarskoy Alliance.
The reasons for the continuing education new
• Striving to be the best in their profession
To lead in their field as possible, when you know all the latest techniques and culinary chips. Is interesting and introduces techniques Improve your skills.
• To live long and be healthy
It has long been proved by scientists, that those who are engaged in active mental activity, remain healthy, intelligent and capable until a ripe old age. When you are looking for new opportunities, constantly learning, your brain is busy with active work.
How to be aware of the gastronomic innovations?
• Regularly review the culinary news on different resources
• Be an active participant of interesting exhibitions, forums and other themed events
• Communicate with colleagues (eg from the International chef's Alliance)
• Sign up in thematic communities, pay attention to social networks
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