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Restaurateur-startapper, who is it?

So, you are planning to open a new restaurant, you want to create a successful business, but you are not familiar with the intricacies of the organization of catering establishments or are busy with other projects? Then you need the help of a professional restaurateur, able not only to establish the work of the restaurant, but also to prepare it for the opening, together with you to develop a concept and implement it. The person of this profession can be engaged as one institution, and the whole network. A restaurateur can work both from scratch, creating a new project, and with an existing business that needs reformation.
Based on my own many years of experience, I can say that the person who designs and carries out together with you the opening of a new restaurant should have the following qualities:
First of all, to know the work of the institution "from the inside", from " a " to "z". The most successful restaurateurs are often chefs who have decided to go beyond the kitchen and learn the basics of business management, as was the case in my case. No courses can replace years of practical work. The ideal option is a person who has gone from a waiter to a Manager.
Organizational skills, team management skills.
Good health and ability to work in stressful situations, make quick decisions.
Creativity, the ability to create and implement the very "highlight" that attracts visitors and ensures the success of the restaurant.
Analytical mind, the ability to keep in mind a thousand nuances.
Opening a new restaurant is not just about drawing up a business plan and a new menu, it's a process that I compare to conducting an orchestra. A lot of instruments, people and works that need to be presented to demanding audiences in such a way as to cause enthusiastic applause. The Manager creates the world into which the visitor who has crossed a threshold of an institution plunges.
The competence of the restaurateur includes the organization of the entire workflow from recruitment to the purchase of products, from marketing strategy to the menu. The main goal is to make the project profitable and well-known. The salary of a specialist depends on the scale of the business, fame and complexity of the tasks.
The highest degree of recognition of the work of the restaurateur is the establishment of the star of the red Michelin guide
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