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Opening of the restaurant in St. Petersburg

Opening your own restaurant is a cherished dream for a considerable number of people, and at first glance it may seem that you are quite capable of such a task. Actually, the majority of businessmen who tried to open a restaurant and eventually burned out, combines the same set of errors. The causal relationship is easily caught - the culprit of this outcome is overwhelmingly a lack of experience and adequate information. There are too many nuances in the restaurant business, and it will not be easy to grab them all if you do not have at least a few years of experience behind you, unless you literally missed the whole production process.
If you are planning to open a restaurant in St. Petersburg, but do not want to join the army of loser entrepreneurs, then you should understand that training will have to be done long before the very first check is punched. And since such an experience for you can be a novelty, then trusting a specialist and securing his help will be the most reasonable decision in such a situation. I offer professional support and information support in the opening of the restaurant in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Contact for detailed advice can be on any of the contacts:
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What services do I render?
1. Opening a restaurant in St. Petersburg on a turn-key basis;
2. Full selection of equipment for your restaurant's cuisine;
3. Development of the restaurant menu;
4. Development of the concept of the institution;
5. Selection of dishes, cook form, inventory;
6. And much more.
The cost is discussed individually and depends on the amount of work.
Stages of restaurant opening
The restaurateur's path is thorny and unfriendly, especially if you are limited in resources and do not have enough experience in this area. I'm ready to take you by the hand, and you do not have to wade through the jungle with cleverly set traps - we'll go the beaten path, and there will not be a need to invent solutions that have already been invented by someone else. The difficulties that arise in the process of opening a restaurant will not confuse you, and you will be able to direct the saved forces and time to a competent business building.
So, what are the stages for you, and how can I help you in organizing a successful business? Let's try to understand.
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First of all, you need to tell the state that you want to do business. This is perhaps one of the simplest (but not very pleasant) stages, and it includes three main points:
1. First it will be necessary to determine the form of ownership;
2. Further to dwell on one of the taxation systems;
3. And, finally, register the enterprise.
After registration, you can start looking for a room for your future restaurant. For a moment, it may seem that it's a stone's throw to the dream, but I do not recommend dissolving in euphoric streams. I offer an extensive consultation on registration of your business and the intricacies associated with preparing for the opening of a restaurant in St. Petersburg - you will be able to get answers to all the questions that arise and avoid the most common mistakes made at this stage.
Business model and concept
The second stage usually follows the development of a business model of your future institution. To concern to this stage costs as seriously, as at building of the house concern to a foundation laying. The principle "and so will come down!" Is categorically forbidden here - with this approach the whole frame of your business will be skewed and ugly, which means that the matter is unlikely to go. Trying to blind something sane yourself is also unlikely, if you do not have experience in such matters - most likely, you will stumble over the first banal mistake.
What can include the development of a business model and the concept of your future offspring?
1. Working out the general idea of ​​the restaurant. Surely in your heart not the first year the ideas about what will be your restaurant rage. Perhaps, while they are not particularly structured, but together we can transfer all this disgrace to paper and give it a noble appearance. The general idea includes information about what kind of cuisine will be offered to guests, what will be the average check, how you will complete the premises and so on.
2. Location. From where exactly the restaurant will be located, everything will depend literally. I am also ready to help in choosing the right location for the establishment. Ideally, if the choice of place will be preceded by a marketing research - it will help you determine the level of competition, find out the threats to the future of the business and get a lot of other useful information;
3. Portrait of the visitor. Before the opening of the restaurant in St. Petersburg you will have to clearly imagine what kind of guest it is. Groups of visitors can be several, some of them will be basic, some - secondary. Much in developing the concept of the restaurant will directly depend on the level of income of your potential guest, interests, behavior patterns and so on.
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