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Why do most people go to a restaurant? Not only to communicate with friends, unwind, and a change of scenery - we eat here often that almost never cook at home for themselves. Unusual kitchen - that can make the restaurant a "hit." For you will go for new experiences and flavors, about your institution will tell friends and acquaintances.
One of the areas of cooking, allows to achieve the effect described above is the molecular cuisine. Hike in catering establishments as extreme, incredible adventure and experiment - it's possible! Touching science, aesthetic pleasure, disturbing brain tastes - all guaranteed the latest technology of molecular gastronomy.
If you open a restaurant of this type - who is my customer? Perhaps such fear creeps into your head. But do not worry - yes, impossible to please everyone, and if you need it? It is likely that you do not have to look in an elderly couple who decided to celebrate the anniversary of living together, and white-collar workers from a nearby business center not enter to lunch to discuss a contract with partners ... But molecular gastronomy restaurant - not for trivial absorption of food in a cozy atmosphere ! It is for those who want to plunge into the world of new flavors and sensations, to diversify everyday life of the city, to excite their imagination, to be on top of new trends and tendencies.
Your customers will be and bohemian elite supersaturated normal kitchen and monotonous days, creative individuals in search of inspiration, youth, seeking adventure, catering patrons looking for something new.
If you open a restaurant molecular gastronomy - become known. It's a fair statement. People will talk about you! Photos of dishes will be posted to social networks and collect thousands of likes - because it's really beautiful and unusual! Tasting coffee in the form of eggs or ice cream flavored shrimp soup almonds, tea, outgoing nitrogen vapor, it is difficult to remain indifferent!
Despite the fact that food often do not look edible, and the kitchen is more like a chemical laboratory, all the food is completely safe and will not be harm to human body. For example, widely used in the preparation of liquid nitrogen - a safe gas that we breathe every second of his life - its content in the atmosphere for more than 80%!
Decided to "open a restaurant of this kind"? Start with the recruitment and training of staff - specialists in this direction in our country is not much, but it is competent and creative team of experts - the main component of your success!
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