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To defend his point of view when making decisions

Not every one of us is given to be a leader - it can be traced in the work hierarchy, and in everyday situations that we face every day. I will say even more - for a leading position have to fight every day to prove their right to the word, opinion and decision. The ninth rule which specifically addresses the issue of leadership, at first glance may seem insignificant, but it is it should be the foundation for building a working relationship and communication with the staff.
Always stand on his own, if you're right, never retreat.
Beliefs - they, like the ass, have everyone. However, all may not be right at the same time, especially if you are moving diametrically opposite theses. And if the question is "Who is right?", Then, in my opinion, should be based on two aspects - the level of professionalism and responsibility. Let us consider, in which cases or situations, these aspects play a role.
1. Professionalism. The chef, as a key figure in the restaurant, sees the situation entirely, and often has an experience far more significant than the rest of the staff. Therefore, the word chef must have much more weight than the opinion of the investor or the workers with less experience in this area.
2. The level of responsibility. It's easy to offer the most crazy ideas and defend their right to exist, if not to you then dig all that mess, which may be a consequence of implementing these ideas. Investor currently unviable on the menu, then just shrug his shoulders or even to present a claim in the spirit of "Well, you then have the chef, which were not warned, then?". If you're absolutely sure that your decision of working, and the opposite will lead to disaster - beysya breasts for their opinion, and it will appreciate. Someday.
Suffice it to remember these two points, and you will immediately become clear in which cases not only worth it, but downright necessary to fight for their own beliefs and stand your ground until the last. Also you useful advice on the contentious issues in the decision-making process:
• Chef takes absolutely all the decisions regarding the selection of staff, drawing up menus, cuisine and pricing;
• Significant influence is the chief of the questions associated with marketing, accounting and administrative moments;
• Suffice it once to demonstrate their weakness, to "see through" themselves, and you can easily turn into a puppet, which will pull the strings of all and sundry;
• If you have even a small doubt in their own opinion - do not hesitate to listen to the arguments of opponents, because in a dispute born truth;
• Be able to adequately recognize their own mistakes in the case, if you were wrong.
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