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Roman Trusov
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Do not forget your friends and relatives, In that bustle, in that way of life, And do not spare the words quite simple: Mom, how are you there? And how is the health of the father... Parents all thoughts, only, about you: Like at work, like your grandchildren at school? For them, now you need an eye and an eye, They are growing and will grow up soon. Do not forget to visit your loved ones, For them, to see you — a huge holiday! Try to stay for a couple of days at least, Because an adult son, until old age, is a boy. Stop and call your parents now, they miss you… Extend their lives, say at least a couple of phrases, One call... it helps to live on…
Visit your relatives more often, Those who are closest to you and dearer to you. Visit them while you are younger, but remember them in your old age. Go back to your homes to visit your old mother. Don't be too lazy to send a telegram. Her life is a mess without you. Show your kindness, Not sparing the accumulated affection, Not afraid of shame or publicity, Filling the void of hearts. Visit your relatives more often, Those who are closest to you and dearer to you. The ones that are waiting for you in the hallway, Among the walls that are lonely and empty…
On November 11, at 0: 03 am, 2019, everything changed irrevocably in my soul. There's so much that doesn't seem to be said, the balance is off, and I still can't believe you're not with us. The ambulance arrived quickly, recorded, called the cop. He drove for a long time, dissatisfied, negative character, in a word-a cop. Then they came from the morgue and took it away. Doctors took a long time to identify the cause, almost a year. Not enough normal ones, they made the wrong diagnosis, aggravated it. No one needs us except our loved ones. You always said: "A negative result is also a result." Yes, everything needs to be done on time, time is the most valuable resource.
I remember when I was little, we walked along the river, you showed minnows, then we caught burbot fry, squinted, pulled out lamprey tubers with our hands and collected gobies on the estuary. It was such a vivid memory, from my childhood. You gave me life and made me happy. He guided me on the right path in life. When I was little and could not swim walking along the shore, I fell into a hole, as I now remember these seconds. I raised my hands, opened my eyes, and at these moments there were a lot of thoughts, the oxygen was running out.. I felt your hands pulling me out of the water. I always missed you when I didn't see you for a long time, I remember when you came to the sea I jumped on you with joy when I met you, after you had a long backache. You always found ways out and gave the right advice. I'm grateful for everything, and right now I can't believe you're not here.
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